Meike Schrut


Life keeps no promises
except what is produced by the love
The love completes all other?

Translated and then for me in other kind moved, possibly that it means the same more exactly one says in such a way:

Life holds no promise
Except what ist brought by Love
This completes all else.

From an unknown writer writes, thus or similarly and I read and translated it for myself as I understand it. But still other lines I know, these are mine:


I cut open you ideally
Parts on in well and nastily and the other possibilities.
If one holds a partly bad apple in hands
If one can do it with him also:
And in the middle then the innocent cores
From their life new one can create.
One will throw away the bad in an apple
How is it with the negative sides in the person, all the same who is he?
One does not note them,
if she consciously overlooks
to ascertain then:
Thus I wanted never to imagine them / or him.
I fancy three little heaps of yours I `see
In the middle: what is to be seen
On the left the good qualities
On the right the bad ones.
I distribute the invisible according to pleasure to those hills.
Mind that one day this is not left
What you would never like to fancy!



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 12/29/2009.


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