Meike Schrut

What may I during these days

If I properly lie
are in just 2 days
365 days pastly - once again
a whole year..
I helped count often and with pleasure
if days vanished fast
counted, when I would be 18,
until my child would see the light of the world
how many days I still remained at uncomfortable place.
Could neither count
also do not know
how many days would remain to the life still to the loves.
I do not count already at all tears
because I am now without tears.
Thus it should also be during new days.
Oh, I have almost forgotten:
what I immediately like?
I eat too early the cake,
one calls Christmas tunnel.
Because to me this party from "tradition"
it has become quite no matter.
My friend he does not like so a lot
what is still worth to me and expensive.
For him it is the wrong world
from verses and from rhymes.
I live there alongside
in my world of the imagination
the real life too often only coarse seems.
The people whom we are everybody
however, thus passed away think.
May be, so considerably it are not most.
If one sees in the mirror fast,
alone you look in...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 12/30/2009.


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