Meike Schrut

A helpful dream

Seemed to me, there was a supernatural being
This exactly knew what I need:
Time another dream.
And he came fast:
Dark-haired, young and hard my idol
Nobody amounted to him.
He gave the headman's son so often
Chill and strongly his look.
Yes, I revered, almost I also loved him
Since who did not love each other himself
If this feeling can also not have for others.
At the table I saw him sitting
Close with me
In old splendour and magnificence
Be modesty second I.
Because privately he was
Also softly and wonderfully
His honest laughter, smile was.
Strange topic of conversation: Literature?!
In all kinds and suddenly: Shakespeare
He recited so laxly:
Almost to according to the powerful dark voice
From the other time.
If a machine was able
You, as you are now
During his younger years escort.
On the stage or in the studio
You a chance never would have against him.
Yes, it believes or it does not believe.
It was the dream, once many women
In himself carried.
So unlikely to you, from another atmosphere:
Muscles, did not exaggerate
With those he came along so laxly
The fact that almost the breath quiet ones stood
Before enthusiasm.
White haired and he points is
In the eyes still the same shine.
The woman whom he loves
Feels certainly belovedly also from him
Certainly feels with him.
One does not know about his daughter the name.
There he is same to you
He protects the private very much.
Other comparisons must not be here.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/11/2010.


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