Mairaj Zindran

First Kiss

Growing up I fantasized

What the first kiss would feel like

Would it be magical

Like the sunshine peeping through a rainy day

Would it awaken a hidden synapse

Causing a chill run down the spine

Would it uncover still life from within

Falling out from the eyes, drop by drop

Would it be an everlasting moment

Life on one scale, its sensation on the other

Nothing would prepare me

For my first kiss

It was all of the above

And much more

Rhonda planted it on my cheek

The day I met her

They say she's not going to make it

Her kiss said otherwise

It wasn't a kiss of resignation

Neither of despair nor of regret

It was the kiss of life

She will live in it, long after I am gone


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mairaj Zindran.
Published on on 01/12/2010.


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