Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (22)

To make up there was so much and this were not only or not necessarily only talks. Laughing she got that he talked during the tenderness just with pleasure and she listened just with pleasure. Was the already love?

About morning only they fell asleep arm in arm, awoke few hours ago almost at the same time.

This time they had breakfast together with RF and Madleine, Sgrumie it was which pronounced this what Ralph particularly wished: “I simply suggest sometimes, this day should become the first day in which we everybody together what try out from that screenplay. Possibly a scene which still work on one behind has to go.” “This might be natural,” Ralph interfered, was not surprised, why Sgrumie spoke so timidly, because she knew of less about the general film events, as one other generally. “to mention superfluously also that one must try every now and then dialogues twice and triply or had to go, just as actions are repeatable.” “You can as often repeat as you want, then, however, we will have to program the computers anew, with every new idea we can also form actions immediately differently, dialogues.” “Which computers?” Ralph leant irritated forwards, Sgrumie gave a laugh brightly. “I have hidden here no actors somewhere, those manlike computers were programmed after the book which you have read and what accepted to you guaranteed a little. One can distinguish them hardly from people, but there is of course the problems if other passages accept to you more, because the computers would react after the old ones.” The confessed actor shook the head, a little bit become irritating. “It is not at all about whether does something accept to me or not, now we will not circumscribe immediately the whole sides and program anew these computers, are possibly.?” Sgrumie nodded. “Of course also there function the camera, the light, the tone, apparatuses for other noises, special effects and other devices fully automatically, them are directed after that what you emit as you move what you do as you speak. Below also the temperature will be so pleasant that one could spend without strain many hours there, however, must not be.” Ralph required time to be able to fancy itself this really. Technology it surprises, but here and thus.?

Few time later everybody stood before the wall of fog and Sgrumie Ralph asked, he may join from her the eyes, the last experience could absolutely recur and then.... He refused. “I will try not to react too according to feeling as one would ordinarily do it.”

This spot expected them waters to which she appealed. No female, no male voice, rather those of a child, a girl. Sgrumie quietly explained: “The oracle could help to us, so hears please to.”

“RF is known what can come, other yet, probably does not doubt only himself. Madleine which you love both men whom wants to think only secretly, other more than you you should not play fate goddess, I will fast do this. Sgrumie which you have created this world does not surprise you if sometimes something runs from the oar, because this world is not always to be governed maybe.” Sgrumie could start very little with these words, but Madleine avoided it, RF to consider which chilly answered: “The oracle apparently knows that not only I, but also Ralph, actually, 2 people are: one older, other more recently, I do not think that a voice could destroy mine - ours - respect.” Madleine nodded, drew a deep breath calmly.

They went along in the water, because it had divided and dismissed them in an edge from white stones which were taken with small shining pearls. “Nice game, Sgrumie.” She did not answer Ralph who was too close in the water and which suddenly bumped into slushy ground. Though the strong woman seized his hand, but now both were carried down:

From the summit of a slimy mountain which was not precipitous, but high, everybody sank 4 - then RF and Madleine wanted to leave the companions not to himself - in the depth. Madleine pressed the feet thus in the strange mush over and over again to slide down slower, her hand pressed for RF `s hand which seized them thankfully, also he loved no raving part down.

They reached the foot of the mountain surprisingly cleanly and uninjured. Sgrumie looked around and discovered not far from the mountain a lift which glided seemingly only upwards, then on unknown ways again down. Shaking the head she searched that way for which they had already gone with RF and Madleine. And she found again her mark, a sign with label: “Here along.” “Very imaginatively,” murmured Ralph almost cheerfully. “would have also surprised me if this way had had a more exact description.”

Sgrumies hotel as a duplicate this time here below, so to speak, her headquarters? When they had left behind, however, the front door, the hall resembled rather the reception range for an air passenger whom himself must allow to like now some questions. Questions about sense and the purpose of the stay in the country.

“What now?” Ralph looked around to the other, Madleine smiled, because she knew, how much he talked himself, actually to need always exact instructions to master his work substantially. Sgrumie had to have thought similarly, shakes the head, understanding and quietly it asked: ”You will find my shoulder always privately for yourself for leaning nearby, but before the camera you might be thus in your element what should I say you then? Should I possibly read out to you the text, you in the head have.?”

Just he wanted to answer that just this was not the case when this text from the sides occurred to him word by word and where he had to move, he also knew as to the manner born. He did not see only his expression, fortunately, that would not have fitted completely to the scene.

“And where.?” Sgrumie waved RF and Madleine, while to feel the next 2 hours without tiredness Ralph, followed his work. She was easy for him very much because just no annoying noises, no artificial light of a camera struck.

The next floor stood more fully of technical devices, here also that monitor which caught all those artificial, but how to really active locations in which Ralph would find himself which lay precisely in such a way that the star found the way. He unwound the other text by memory, stopped sometime being surprised....

After ending of the 2nd hour Sgrumie had struck how the rehearsed from the face of her partner disappeared, he seemed to her only oddly enough also dissatisfied and she asked him on the way back what is the reason for his criticism.

“Certain passages from the automatic opponents and mine are just idiotic, I would never express myself in such a way, in the life not.” “This could be also not at all different what did I know then from yours protect I? My image, as you could possibly react to a double, does not agree with yours because it was even a fanciful idea. You never need certainly a double, here motto is also: “What would be if.?”

However, RF had struck a little bit during 2 hours: because this technology took up too exactly everything what one could fancy anyhow, he pulled a wide stripe from the device which was there only to control whether real people took the atmosphere here well. The values of Ralph were grasped as, besides and he showed the paper first only Madleine, Sgrumie and Ralph had already gone forward as arranged. In the lift sat down Madleine on the floor and stared horrified at the figures. “Even if he wants to work sometimes more than 2 hours on the piece, he gets never through this, not so fast, but one cannot say this him of course, he would not understand it.“ RF knew meanwhile that he was as immortal like Ralph and he managed meanwhile quite well that he felt no more illnesses in himself, could also not get tired. But the partnership with Madleine had helped him, whether Ralph ever found this help also in Sgrumie, was still pending. “Again secrets?” Madleine shakes the head. “Dear risks I that he some time something beside the track is to be heard as once again how little trust we would have, nevertheless, to him.” “Lets us at least wait one week, at that time maybe crazily I me also and Ralph feels more probably, than I me.”

However, the time should show that RF was right very much, Ralph felt the same negative effects in himself how she felt RF once: Breathlessness, fever, concentration weaknesses and often aggressiveness, the Sgrumie only from the way could go in which she left alone him.

Madleine it was which took care his and discussed before with RF to make this not jealously. After one working day of precisely 2 hours and 20 minutes - Ralph had insisted on expanding the time always around other minutes in spite of his continuously miserable state of health at which he can operate - Madleine RF and Sgrumie asked to go this spot before, she wants to follow with Ralph a little later. Sgrumie can be informed from RF of how sensible it is that just Madleine did this. “Madleine has seen already so much, she can help best of all, he will listen rather to her than you where he has hurt you during the last days emotionally thus.”

Madleine held back Ralph when he wanted to follow Sgrumie and shook the head. “She has told me, how much you could be gone and has said her, it would be taken however, thus by herself that you would have no chance to become happy ever with her.” “You has repeated to you word by word the quarrel?” Madleine nodded and saw very well how a little this accepted to him and laid to him her hands to the cheeks. He had a fever apparently violently, but because she knew how a little to him this would damage in general, she did not come on it.“ Sgrumie trusts me and she also trusts you and RF, this is simply very important to Mariannes death very much. All this what you will still feel during the next days, weeks, months all this are only results of that as you look now: more recently. And I do not say not enough if I assure you: all the same, how high your fever may also be at the moment or whether you sometimes mean to suffocate: you will not die of it. ““But in which?” “Not at all.” This time he laughed. “One wishes this of course, but, nevertheless, really cannot function, yes, I feel not good, but if I can do here below what, I am soon better certainly.” “We hope this everybody, but, nevertheless, waits and if it is possible to you: put on other facial play.“ “I had asked for the fact that one may immediately say me if runs a little bit wrong.” “It does not run directly wrong, but I think, we can make up when you have really fully recovered and before the aggressiveness gets out of control, we will put on ice the events here first of all.” Ralph did not love the expression aggressively, also he might not be blackmailed, however, saw that Madleine was right.
“Not urgently, I do not try to stir immediately always thus on, do not know only how I should finish this at the moment.“ He struggled rather unhappily as affected the hands and wished quite briefly, both women would not get on so well. Madleine overlooked his behaviour studiously, she did not know him in such a way, took him warily in the arms. Who could have seen them so, she would hold for lovers, as he felt in her nearness not only very well, he envied RF sometimes this so wonderful woman. She was still clever, besides, often witty, not so strongly as Sgrumie, however, just he liked very much the elegant in her. He stroked her hair, kissed them suddenly long, because her hair radiated a smell which seemed to him new. And before he even longer his mouth in theirs strands pressed, it freed herself carefully of him, asked: “So much I know about RF, did he not feel this kind of affection when he just started to change what gets rid then with you, do you not love Sgrumie ibly not at all?” He made way to her look, felt lost, more uncertainly than ever before. “Whether Sgrumie to me is ever this what I start to see in you, I do not know yet.” “Nevertheless, I hope, you see me only as confidants, friend, may be, I play sometimes with you there if I get this there, but please do not see a partner in me, I will not cheat RF, he trusts me and loves me very much, therefore, I may also talk thus with you, far from the other.” Madleine liked no long sentences, but this had been too important to her, therefore, it had to go fast out from her. Now Ralph shook the head. “Great respect if you must ask him around permission, only because you would like to speak me.” “Though RF does not show his jealousy in such a way, but I think, he asks himself how faithfully I am real. Make it to me please so hard, I do not like you also very much, maybe too much.” She turned a little bit aside, did not want that he could see her sudden tears. Because she had spoken, however, more and more quietly, he was already surprised and pulled them in the light that he could just see thus her face, wet from tears. She allowed that he took them again in his arms, however, cried only violent. Warily he spoke on them one, it did not pay attention to what he said to let sound only anxious, it gentle. “Hear please on to speak!” “Hello?” “You do not know apparently at all, how much your voice only enchants women, Sgrumie of course also, me. And if you already want to comfort, speaks please normally hard, although I can hardly also endure this.” Affected saw he them in, recognised very well, as to and fro sly she was. “Nevertheless, RF speaks just as well as me, or not?” “Now, I will probably have to ask him to cultivate his dry tone, he sounds not at all like you.” “Then give up him in such a way as he wants to be and also tries to see in me only the very good friend who may take you now and again in the arm, you can comfort if you want it, with approval of RF of course.” This sounded so ridiculous for him that he had to laugh and he lately laughed again with pleasure...

With all what they had done they came again in the real world where RF and the concerned Sgrumie waited for both with the deck chairs. “Everything in order?” “We can still consider whether it makes sense to work too much.” “Too much?” Ralph believed not properly to have belonged. “I became my dear Madleine, I have often turned more than 4 hours during the day something and then only slowly tired. One forgets how exhausts one is real if only fun is present, so what this has to do.” RF pulled only briefly the forehead in folds, however, saw how Madleine reacted annoyed, moved up quite close to Ralph and him so quietly that only he could understand it and hear, something said.

It depressed them very much that he apparently seriousness of the situation ignored and tried to give a very quiet, but dangerous sound to her voice, while she said: “Yes, you have become to me a very dear friend whom I believe not only to be able to understand, but which I would also love if there was not RF just. But there is him and, unfortunately, there is also your recklessness to yourself towards. Which effects your fever can have, no one knows, so you will not only spare yourself, we shift all other, how long, one will have to see. In any case, thus you play for the time being no more day.” “You have to decide this not only."  She heard for their part a disagreeable tone with him and also his face spoke volumes: only chilly, then there originated a mocking smile which it injured. If he was sure, nevertheless, that RF and Sgrumie on his side would be. “Why should be on your side if I say them that it was irresponsible, you in such a way, as you must feel what to let do?” “I feel great.” Sgrumie had heard this very well and doubted it. “Nevertheless, this cannot be your seriousness, my dear.” She laid to him her hand on the forehead. “Thus one can feel not at all great and I would also not want that you work under these conditions.” RF did not escape the excitement into which Ralph had moved the women, understood very well that he had to intervene. “Sgrumie, this might be my part, can introduce to me lively how it could be in him.” Sgrumie and Madleine insisted it on romping in the water, while Ralph RF pressed in one of the deck chairs which stood in the half-shade already. He himself sat down in addition and spoke without looking at Ralph: “To Me similar is pushed shut and a big role plays the mental load which happened to you by Mariannes death. Yes, I am sorry that we did not initiate you earlier, Marianne did not want it at that time, probably thought, nobody would investigate whether she is to blame really for her death herself. Tragedy is, she also had no tumour, but her heart.” “What was with her heart?” Ralph asked it in a flat voice. ”I know only that it should have looked so as if one had broken her heart, like this looks, I do not know, but one should give to the doctor already to faith.” Ralph talked himself that she might always have had an ill heart, but this did not comfort him really, did not calm him already at all. “But it should be here not about Marianne, but about you. Simply calm Sgrumie and Madleine, while you lie down, rests and tries to forget the old person.” RF suppressed what he still wanted to say him. Ralph cannot fancy what for bad days and nights would still wait for him, perhaps, or very certainly even. RF decided to support the man better than before...

But RF slept not beside Ralph, but Sgrumie which needed only one look to know that her friend was anything but enterprising. Thus she simply wished him a good night, snuggled up to him and had fallen asleep in no time, however, dreamt badly.

In the morning she found the place beside herself empty, called Madleine which said for their part that RF was already away, he would have wanted to meet Ralph. Because Sgrumie knew how good it was that the men talked alone, she asked Madleine to have breakfast with her.

While they did this, RF and Ralph on the beach walked. “You must not think, I am jealous because Madleine can feel as she anyway feels. I love them very much and she also knows it. Now I ask you very much for it: lie to none of us, we cannot use this here.” “Where have I lied?” “When you said, you would feel good.” “Yes, damn, but I should say every time: to me everything becomes blurred before the eyes?” “This would be right, we are among ourselves and I hold it now also for better, we return in the hotel.” RF felt how the man started to tremble beside him and was present near to tip.

“Curses once more.“ RF anticipated that he could not bring back alone him and looked around searching. He did not have to do this long, one of the security people hurried to them and helped without long to ask. While he did this, he informed not only Sgrumie which accepted to send immediately a doctor, he also whistled according to his colleague who had to step to his place. “Why is this so important, nevertheless, no tourists certainly come?” “Nevertheless, they come 2 spots in the week, may live only in the extra bungalows for guests, but one meets them over and over again here before the hotel in which the mistress she does not want to have. From the kitchen they are supplied, however, otherwise, we deal - except the security - a little with them.”

When Sgrumie came to her room, the doctor already acted, in his company an orderly and they anticipated that the time would become difficult.

Ralph started to be wrong in the time. Just 9 o'clock in the morning, he thought, it is 6 o'clock, that time at which he was in habit to be on around the morning to begin and stirred. Madleine bent over him, tried to understand him. “Leave me out here.” “Now this does not go first of all.” Madleine also made no difference it almost whether he could hear them and understand, she paid attention to the fact that the friend, partner, to her was not supplied, however, just as importantly as RF, in all and also was not able to leave the bed. RF saw unobtrusively for his clock, checked to agree out, how long that now would go so. He calculated 3 hours, with this time span and to him also was in such a way.

Totally exhausts and with the feeling, it would turn everything before his eyes, he came to himself, nothing else in the sense, than to continue in the normal day rhythm. “Is patient, nevertheless, just!” RF spoke quietly on him one, even if he himself started to become tired. He had got uneasy how the other man had pressed his hand crudely, for him a sign for the fact that the fear was very big maybe bigger and bigger became, the longer the idleness stopped. Both women and also other assistants had searched a spot for themselves somewhere not to lie down in the space somewhere if already for sleeping, though, to rest and Madleine saw how Sgrumie stared like they also before itself or was incapable with half awake eyes to find for all words. “I admire RF.” Madleine listened in to Sgrumies exhausted sounding words. “He had to take part exactly in the same and will take the fear from him.” “How somebody can get there fear.” Madleine was surprised. Was Sgrumie too clarified now or just without understanding? “He would never admit that he is afraid, but since hours RF holds his hand and as soon as he wanted to solve them, Ralph woke up and even more worriedly than before.”

The unhappy man had really got bigger and bigger fear. Though there was no appointment by which the imagination film would be to be delivered, because this project an attempt was suitable for them and certainly a little for the public. But in him inside was this urge to finish a work as fast as possible and well and what was pushed shut to him, he could handle with it neither nor he was able to say something to Sgrumie or Madleine, he confided in a man rather and rather. RF listened to him when he had moments, between shivering fit and the next violent fever push. ”I am afraid like I have never felt them, it sounds ridiculous, I know, it cannot call differently.” “I also had the same fear, and ridiculously nothing is to be called there.” RF wrapped the sick person a little bit more firmly in warming covers, always anxious to recognise sign when the fever would come back again and stood as a Madleine anxiously behind RF it was in him: the man started to glow to throw down the covers and to fantasize.

She could explain to herself the too violent fever only in such a way as which one had begun the work - also Ralph to dear - too early. RF was also at the end of his forces, absolutely had to lie down and automatically saw to Sgrumie, nevertheless, had left strangely enough the space. While he started to lower the fever together with the orderly and Madleine, he paid attention to the fact, that Madleine not too violently reacted on that what the common friend of himself gave. When only doctor and orderly were round the man, both lay down on the wide sofa, RF covered the shaking woman. “Your compassionate heart will still pose bad problems to you, Sgrumie seems to be ice-cold or she cannot endure here only surely.” “He hardly calmed down and seems to have bad nightmares.” “You also did not need to be surprised when he did not react to your words, he was not able to do this at all, but I understand how near he must stand to you that you want to protect him from all possible things which could damage to him. I could become even jealous if I did not know you better, darlings.” He kissed them for several minutes, then he fell asleep in her arms and they sleep also tried to find.

The doctor sounded words like “I want to see her heart.” Though the man spoke in relatively high fever, however, strangely enough clearly and clearly and the doctor body had been present with the investigation of Marianne `s. One had opened her body, had found out with the fact horrified that her heart still hit, irregularly and too weakly as if it stopped, but to him was not in such a way. “This does not go, the heart may not leave her body.” “Is it possible that one can fetch back them again in the life?” “Your heart is strongly damaged and her life is worth living only for them if one can cure that what is damaged.” “Can I act a little bit for it?”

He became more nervous from minute by minute, but the fever sank strangely enough as if had ill made only Mariannes the death which did not seem to be real now him. Surprisingly he was in the physical constitution to sit down without problems on without dizzy spell and also the remaining weakness passed from minute by minute. Releases and surprised he breathed at first carefully, then almost cheerfully. “I see that you are better, you seem to be a medical miracle.” The doctor had had to measure temperatures of roughly 42 degrees and few time ago the man appeared like the blossoming life. However, though with a still narrow become face, worked as if he was just 30 years old.

“We have here the model of a healthy heart.” The doctor trusted sometimes in the fact that some easy words would make clear as it looked currently around Mariannes heart and he also succeeded in making understood himself. He pulled the computer a little thick and pointed to the picture of a normal heart. ”The immortal has to show only one mistake on: one must apparently count on illnesses which are absolutely difficult, are not able to kill. It prepares for me headaches, because it can be that one must massage only her heart and her body that one could treat him like a body which lies in the awake coma, but this are of all chimeras.” “Then we want to lose no time and I will be the first one which helps you in all.”

Sgrumie was forgotten or at least partial to get again the view, Marianne, new joy of living woke in him as he might have felt them at the age of 30 years in himself: indescribable feeling of happiness combined with love which hurt almost physically. The surprised doctor informed his colleagues with whom they undertook now together everything to get back Marianne in the life. Ralph spoke with the woman who lay there as asleep whom one had covered on a bed recumbent. He stroked her hair from the forehead, touched in bewilderment the skin becoming rosy over and over again which seemed to him so nice as no skin: brilliantly, overcast by fine sweat drop, the more her body temperature rose. A very gentle smile originated after hours on her face, her eyelashes trembled and then they had a look after days at the first time. “Who are you?” The doctor had explained to him that this can absolutely happen, indeed would pass with the time.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/16/2010.


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