Liza Wick

nothing matters anymore


these three words sum it all up:
nothing matters anymore
i have tried for so long, for too long
to find someone who likes me
maybe even loves me
who enjoys spending time with me
because of me
but this person does not exist
they talk to me, they work with me
but noone is interested in me
as a private person
they tell me they care
but really they dont
there is noone who would care
if i went away - for good
so this is what I have done:
i have shut out everything and everyone
nothing matters anymore
noone matters anymore
nobody can touch my heart
my soul
nobody can hurt me
can get to me
i guess my heart just gave up
and my soul got lost
in all this cold
no passion but also no fear
no laughter but also no tears
no love but also no grief
no happiness but also no despair
now theres just indifference
and nothing matters anymore

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Liza Wick.
Published on on 01/17/2010.


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