Meike Schrut

Let me just over and over again have fun

Want all time which remains to me to the life
For all words find
I cannot say you
I only would like to think, actually
But in which I could suffocate
Thus it already seems.
Fun in words find
Should sound absolutely also sometimes common
These are not rather -
This There and Here in all senses
If I knew before year and day so hardly.
If it makes more recently me even
Or older -
I do not know even this.
My fun the fun was not for other people
I have also felt this
Only recently.
And I do not say:
I am sorry!
Since I should be probably sorry what?
My opinion him did not resemble who have others?
Oh, also I have dissembled and lied often
With fine words
Not to hurt myself internally.
My true I is not they
Of the creep,
there I rather spitted before myself
Before I lay other sweet before the feet.
Let me have fun in myself
In my words which are coarse like those of a lout
Just they please - unfortunately - my heart
Too often and it is
As if the rogue sat to me in the nape.
If I have missed from former times what
Have I let out what?
You should not flatter me, should not talk to me to the mouth -
Can it be that it stands thus or similarly in the Bible?
I know the devout book so little
Know only this: if I am able in the morning still comfortably
In the mirror see
Tackle unstressed the day
If I have been good what in myself.
I throw even from the load
Me nearly pressed down years ago.
Yes, I have missed something absolutely
And to get all this after
What I want
More than 2 lives would be necessary in addition....



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/21/2010.


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