Meike Schrut

If it does not allow to come in addition. or: without talking

I may only write
What I could also say.
Attempt not to take from me my tears
I would not stand it without them sometimes.
To take attempts not, to me my joy in this and that
I may take pleasure still very long, maybe for good.
Yes, I know if I can be enthusiastic
Then with all my senses
First with too much feeling.
Entrancedly? Possibly.
But obsessedly?! Good friend,
You would have to know me better.
If I listen, then only
To hear between these or those words a little bit out
What does not lie at all in it covertly.
Then one calls this: I derive inspiration, more not.
If I consider, then only
To read between these or those folds
How in a book.
Then one calls this: I am calmed that not only I grow old.
Yes, I know if I am interested
If I come fast to the suspicion
Without this and that is no more living?
But it is only a joy which I want to feel
In unreal also
To persuade into attempts not, to me which would be there more than enthusiasm
My mood would suffer from it.
To take attempts not, to me my witty kind
Then I lacked the basis for this or that.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/25/2010.


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