Louise Grštz

The Unknown

I want to be part of your life,

I want to know whatís important

Because not knowing seems to be not right,

Nothing is written on your forehead

Someday maybe Iíll know what I want to know,

Maybe Iíll be able to read you like a book

But there will always be some things you donít show

And I will not be able to help, only look.


Thereís so much locked up inside of you

It haunts you, I see it, but you wonít tell me.

Iím afraid, Iím helpless and youíre not strong enough to face it.

Helpess, beated, broken, shaken from the inside,

Slowly trying to fix things, make everything alright.

Iím bothered and want to see, if I can be of any help

But Iím locked inside this cage again, chained to the iron bars,

Looking to the world outside and not knowing who you really are.


Sometimes the mask you used to wear is laughing at my face

And Iím crawling up into a ball to get out of this place.

Iím trying to get away from it, get out of its reach,

But itís after me just like a dog thatís off its leash.


I know these things have fucked you up inside

But Iíll be here, because I know you need me at your side.

Sometimes I see how far down you really seem to be

It hurts because I donít know if youíre already on your knees,

You barely show your inner pain

About the things that took you down the drain.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Louise Grštz.
Published on e-Stories.org on 01/27/2010.


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