Meike Schrut

Of the teased once?!

Somebody whom one high reveres
Teased before infinite and longest past times?
When somebody whom it was not at all?
If it has held for a joke
But sometime he spoke himself of it.
Courageously I found this anyhow
Since I would have kept it for myself.
charmingly, nicely, softly and sweetly as a child
A boy, which one as a mother even too with pleasure in the arm
Would have taken
If bigger children beat up him?!
If they did it then, but children can be cruel
And I thought it unseen!
Today he lets himself so little and rightly
Nothing more like
If he is, nevertheless, the man
One only may wish years back.
If desirable must always suffer
If experienced has stamped him too much
Or if he puts one the knowledge from those longest
To spread years?
To solve this and other riddle fast or slowly now
too often succeeds me
Not well.
If one sinks as a confessed woman into the sight of the older and young face
If one may never again stroll in thoughts
On old unknown ways
Since this leads to nothing.
Do not introduce to me something so figuratively
As in ancient times he felt
And as it was hardly playful
Where one is prepared for later
One longs there, nevertheless again not -
To become mocked as Somebody
It was quite intolerable
But as a special sometime
To be asked, how has it been once.?
What would have I said? Would have I lied?
Me still in recollections fantastically found
Although some day was too rottenly, nevertheless?
One can understand sensations easily
And also I edge out fast
What has been wrong.....



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/31/2010.


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