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The pained glass window I looked out at was large and reached to the ceiling. It showed Mary holding baby Jesus and reaching out to a dove that was flying away. The color's were vibrant, and spectacular. Most of the pews were vacant except for a few near the altar, tourist stood near painting's and pained window's. Looking at my watched a cursed quietly to myself. They're late I thought. Giving a sigh I picked up the brown paper wrapped box that was on the ground below my feet. Turning around I could see them coming. A women in what looked like late teens early twenties was coming my way with two men. Both dressed in black faded jean's and short sleeved shirts that were black.

Mr. Kelly I presume,” the women said walking up to me in a briskly manner. Her shoulder length chestnut hair was tied back in a ponytail, loose ends were falling over the sides of her face and ear's. She had light blue eyes and tan skin that showed little specks of freckles across her cheekbones and the ridge of her nose. She looked more like a school girl than a criminal, but looks can be deceiving.

Yes, and you must be Miss Heallow?”

Do you have the package? As you know it's greatly needed in the operation we are proceeding and it's also the one thing that will release your daughter and son out of being hostages safely”

Yes I have it, and I know the details to the trade”

Good. Now if you don't mind-”

The pained glass window next to us exploded to the impact of someone coming through it. Looking up from shielding my eye's I noticed who it was. Standing up straight and facing the way of the person uncurling from the ball they had been in, stood up smiling and shaking of the glass that was on them.

What the hell do you think your doing here?!,” I asked sternly to a man that was the same age as me thirty-three, and my best friend Adam Brently.

I thought I would drop by and visit you in Venice,” Adam said defensively looking at me then Miss Heallow.

Well hello. I'm Adam sorry for the intrusion Miss-”

Heallow. And it is alright, but I would appreciate it if you left us alone. You see we have some business to take care of”

No problem. Hey Kent I'll be outside wait'n”

I nodded, annoyed and embarrassed.

Adam left leaving Miss Heallow, me and her guards alone in the corner of the church silently. After a brief sigh I looked up from rubbing my head and stepped back shocked. Looking directly at me was a normal but ex-termly expensive looking silver handgun. Miss Heallow smirked. In her hand was the box. I never really intended on giving her the box, only because Adam had found the hide out that she and her crew were from. He had killed the bad guy's and rescued my kid's. But, now I was face-to-face with a gun that was pressed against my forehead. Looking down the barrel I noticed that the safety was still on, and her finger was off the trigger. That made relieved almost until I realized she's probably only doing that because she doesn't know how to shoot a gun. Great I thought. An amateur.

It's a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Kelly, but my boss told me to kill you before we headed out, so sorry to say this. . . but good-” The gun was kicked out of her hand and scattered when it had hit the floor. Her expression immediately turned to frustration and shock.

Miss Heallow first yelled angrily at me then turned to scream at Adam who was still, for some reason standing in a newly broken pained glass window that he had just shattered. I knew I should of never of came to Venice and told Adam I was going to Venice. What the hell's wrong with me. I thought.

That's the expression I get for saving you from some hot chick that doesn't even know how to friggin use a gun”

I was mad, but then again really happy that he came and rescued me. Turning my head to look at Adam then turning my head to look at the fuming Miss Heallow. I walked up to her, turned my head to look at Adam, who right now was getting confused, scared and finally getting what I was doing smiled amused.

Miss Heallow?,”I asked concerned “Are you alright?”

You jerk!,” she screamed pointing at Adam “You kicked my Hand! Not the gun! Henry, John kill him and Mr. Kelly!”

The two guard's grunted sure or whatever they said, and attacked us like we were animal's loose from the zoo. Adam and I made a game out of it, who could get a guard unconscious with the least amount of hit's? It turned out to be Adam. After picking up the two men and throwing them outside one of the broken window's, we looked around the church to see where Miss Heallow had gone.

Most of the people were gone by now from the commotion int the corner, the only people left in side were Adam and me. Cursing under my breath I signaled Adam to follow me outside. Once we were outside we felt the strong wind from the propeller's that were on the helicopter. Miss Heallow was running up to it with the package in hand. Hoping into the helicopter Adam looked at me with a smirk planted across his face.

What's so funny? She got away with the box”

I wasn't laughing, I was simply just smiling”

Then why the hell are you smiling this isn't the happiest thing ever. She got away!”

Yeah I know”

Then what's so funny?,” I asked frustrated, because he wouldn't get the damn smirk off his face

Combing my blonde hair with my hand, Adam looked at me even more amused then before.

Do you know what was inside that box?”

Looking at him suspiciously I shook my head no.

Huh really? Instead of the tool's or money they wanted Dr. Vin and I decided to switch the boxes. The one they have is filled with fireworks”

Shaking my head, I looked up to the sky watching them get away.

We should get going,”I said walking away before the Venice police came and arrested us for destroying their church that was hundreds of years old.

Hold on not yet. I want to watch the fire works go off”

Watching the same direction as Adam I could see someone at least that's what it looked like, coming out of the helicopter with the box. Now looking at Adam his face turned from happy to worried and mad.

Ah crap”

We stood there and watched the box and what looked like Miss Heallow jump out of the plane. Once they were about ten feet away from the helicopter the box exploded. The fireworks did hit the Helicopter which caught fire then spun out of control which also landed making an even larger explosion. Other than the fact that Venice was burning and the church was pretty much trashed. The fireworks were beautiful, they showed green, blue, red and white that looked like streamer's.

Turning my head towards the left were I could hear siren's coming. Grabbing Adam's shirt I dragged him to a sewer opening that smelt like rotted ground up fish guts and burned plastic. Climbing wasn't an option since there was no ladder so Adam and I ended up jumping in. The landing wasn't comfortable but it was better then that time I had to jump out of a twenty-five story building and landing on a supposedly landing mat that was on the back of a jet.

Crawling through the murky smelling water we found an opening that looked vaguely familiar. The circular door was bronze and ha the imprint of snake that circled that rim and in the middle was a symbol that looked like an upside down V . On one side there was what looked like a scene from hell and on the other there was the scene of horse. Opening the door there was a fresh breeze and the smell of fruit. Opening my eyes to see what the view was I was amazed. Adam and I looked at each other, we were both surprised that something this amazing and beautiful could be located in a place like this.

Is this real?,”Adam asked slowly stepping forward

I don't know”

We walked through not knowing what chat could happen to us.



As much as I like e-stories.org It's a real pain in the butt. It wont let me submit the story without the stupid slashe's, so if you are wondering why did they put those in there? Do not worry it's just the stupid computer Authors comment


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