Linda Ruthenberg

Even if

Even if we were worlds apart

And the broken mother's heart would not cry anymore

If the sky turned green (just for a sec)

And the sea seemed to be colorless (from the right point of view)

Even then, everything would be so normal.


We are worlds apart

But the heart still cries

The sky won't be green

And from your point, the sea will never be colorless

After all nothing is normal


Because it's just me,

Still hoping for the earth and the horizon to collide (for a person so close)


Because it's just you, just a picture on a wall

In the apartment I live in

In a city I've never wanted to be a citizen of

In a state where I don't feel home anymore




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Linda Ruthenberg.
Published on on 02/02/2010.


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