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Broken dreams (24)

Sgrumie which liked her head without any hair and put on only now and again one of her many wigs to correspond just to the current women's picture seldom made up for sleep. Also at this night there came a ferry with the new vacationers whom she welcomed personally and warmly. Nothing pointed to the fact that she worried to herself. Interest became bigger and bigger in the lonesome man who had lost now Marianne the 2nd time and she hurried up to slip at least about 3 o'clock beside him in the bed. He had lain awake, brooded a lot, hoped anyhow for her words which did not come, however. No word lost them about the fact that he had sat in anxious hope many hours with Marianne and how much she regretted that Mariannes mind was apparently disturbed.

His deep sleep calmed them, but this should change few time when they wanted to get up together. When he watched her how she got ready before the mirror - he got used to her wig just in such a way, thought with himself that it for a woman probably more than is strange to prefer a bald head - she shouted happily: “Out from the bed, late-riser, I think, today the duty also shouts!” And he also wanted to get up, however, noticed uneasy how to him was only dizzy, so much that he had to remain lying. Anxiously she came to him and asked which problems he would have then. His voice also refused the service to him, a disaster for his job and he made her sign that he cannot speak.

Sgrumie had only insufficiently knowledge of all possible interferences, because she herself was full before health. She asked Madleine and RF to herself which came also immediately.

RF sat down to the man who had pushed his hands under the blanket to hide as they trembled. “Nick only or turns the head to and fro if I right or am wrong, in order?” A nod came. “The first day thus?” Again it was nodded. RF convinced itself that no fever was there and anticipated at least that Mariannes state Ralph had finished thus. “Now I am not the type which would simply like to injure so, but how would it be if I you represent as an actor? If you are better later and you see the admissions, we can still insert improvements.”

A laborious nod came, nevertheless, Ralph` s core was quite turned up. Of course RF was also a very good actor, but did he not overestimate himself a little bit? “Madleine will remain with you, she can calm you apparently best of all, I am neither jealous nor I think that I leave my partner frivolously with you, I would never act. Sgrumie knows a lot in the location best of all and I think, the detective superintendent, I and maybe 2 other actors should continue the work.” Madleine could fancy only vaguely whom he meant: those both men who had received once the screenplay in the original form.

Ralf and Ralph van den Bergen? With one she had called no doubt, but Ralph (mockingly from her the 2nd Ralph, because he took care so dogged, 1. To copy down to the last detail detail) was persuaded so of himself that it struck as almost unnatural. “I will ask both immediately whether they have interest.” And this went very practically by phone. Ralf accepted enthusiastically, Ralph only to some and Here.

And while after the arrival of the both the persons concerned worked so externally to similar, but internally however, thus different men, Madleine with the man stayed behind to whom it was not so right at all that RF Madleine simply entrusted thus with this job as if he knew how pleasant it is to him. Nevertheless, she made sure that you would always stand doctor and orderly aside, because certain matters were so embarrassing for her and disagreeable that it was natural for Ralph and them that she would not help in these.

She supported him only with food and drinking. And in his face she read that this was accepted thus... Their dismay about his general weakness hid them badly, she had hoped that to Mariannes disappearance everything would become good. His voice at least recovered within 2 days so well that he explained to her, how much he had trusted in the fact that Mariannes mind would have remained the old one. “I know this only too well.” Madleine was infinitely tired, had thought a little in himself and she was enterprising enough almost to be bored. This almost been based once again on the radiation quite extrasensory for them of the man to whom this had always made no difference. He knew how to disfigure his appearance even sometimes to look not so great as he was normally level. And few women wanted to get used to it, apparently Madleine belonged to it.


Mariannes soul: partly!

Marianne was not really bad, although one had to accept this. The part of her soul behind the wall of fog combined in itself all property, the mind who had stayed behind in the body: unfortunately, all bad with some variations. Since if she wanted to come to her aim, it already had to feign something. Marianne got very well where one brought them, however, edged out, why this had happened. In her single room she walked worriedly to and fro, for the meals she had to go to other patients, spoke with no one, played about bored with the cutlery and it it passed that she injured herself with the knife. However, she could watch how the tiny scratch healed right away, under her eyes, they looked around startled whether it has been also noted by nobody.

Round them sat and stood luckily many people for whom her personal luck about everything went. In Mariannes mind old pictures appeared, only, this time she could ascertain no longing in herself what she made only moderately sadly. She thought rather surprised: “Love? Longing? If this has known sometimes what, nevertheless, this was same. But: Immortality? Nonsense.”

As it the devil wanted: Now Marianne had become more courageous a little bit, she took to herself secretly a very sharp knife when she might go for a walk outside and a very deep wound added itself which was closed, however, as quickly again. It gave her pleasure to experiment, even if it believed herself a little like Frankenstein's bride. Thus she searched for herself any dead animal, and because she did not injure herself with pleasure - then pain still remained - she spitted herself in the hand and allowed to let drip the low liquid onto the being. The animal crept away, not only small beetles, also dead birds and when she thought in such a way, came them on a very crazy idea: whether was it also possible with dead people?

To get, however, a little bit more free time, however, it still had to be patient very much, she read, behaved conformistly, until her first week-end was there without observation. Yes, also mainly bad people can feel joy, but her joy was aimed just only on an aim: to spend a part of the night on the cemetery or in a building what would be useful to her.

The department from which one created the corpses away before they were either burnt or till one them in a coffin laid, on just this week-end more than undermanned and it succeeded her without next in stepping near to a dead body which had been probably brought from one of the surrounding hospitals. Without twitching with the eyelash, it pulled out a small, but very sharp knife and few minutes later some blood dripped onto the corpse which also soon opened the eyes and looked around confused. It should already be a blood, this seemed to her to the experiment adequate, later she could still use spittle. The young woman snapped at air, could not believe that an awakening had been permitted to her in the current world, Marianne surprised, then, however, stared almost deferentially, opened the lips and murmured: ”Now I am a part of You, Marianne what do you have for wishes or orders to me?”

Marianne rejoiced internally. That what she experienced called them magic, then she did not become the mistress about the death? There would only be this if she admitted it!

“You will be able to do all this what you were able to do before and even more, travels on the strange island from which one removed me.” The young woman got from Marianne all this what puts out a person and what needs this and the more dead person Marianne woke to the life, so much the better she knew how she would return on Sgrumies island: with the help of the helpful figures which had only partially own will first they had to serve Marianne. Also on cemeteries she pottered about with her new companions and soon she had gathered from every professional group people. And to bring around some normality: she woke even children to the life. These creatures owned a beauty mistake: red, bloodshot eyes! Everybody. And thus one managed with contact lenses what was possible on the identity cards and passports rather than glasses or an illness before to be deceptive...

The better part of Mariannes soul was able to feel all bad what developed there. And because the property was always mightier, it kept the other part from getting that big longing for love with which Marianne felt for her death also in the different world... And thus Mariannes warned more positive side one night her former friend:

“I may not inform you a lot, only so much: You did not do well to create away the body, the other part of the soul can provide for evil, so it pays attention to new beings HERE!” She waved sadly and joined again to all the other half a soul which led a not at all always great other life. If one wanted to call the life...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 02/15/2010.


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