Lars Schmitt

Loneliness, My True Companion

O loneliness, you're my true companion

I wanna meet noone else but you

Evrytime I walk through the street canyon

It makes me feel so nervous, true and blue


The streets out there dark and grey

People lost and faded away

And everything you see is momentary

Houses silver, looking gold

You grow up and then grow old

But think you're life is extra-ordinary


O cheerfulness, I can never trust you

Though you always treated me alright

Sometimes I wished that I could bust you

Instead of feeling soulful deep inside


There's nowhere I call my home

I'd rather love to be alone

To run up on the hills and feel the wind blow

I don't care which way it goes

As long as it is warm and close

And I can feel it joggling on my window


O gentleness, you're a painful hero

Shaping up as tender-hearted friend

How can I make sure not to return to zero

How can it be that this is not the end


Life's too short too compromise

Cold hearted people turn into ice

But nothing really seems to last forever

Sometimes I wake up when I dream

My life's passed by, I have to scream

But is it true that life starts now or never?



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Lars Schmitt.
Published on on 02/15/2010.


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