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"Snow, but him is not too much..."

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Because we have here - certainly not only in Germany - so much annoyance and stress with the white miracle what one calls snow, I transfer sometimes my ideas on Sgrumie. That woman who possibly does not correspond to the ideal picture what one has of a woman, but they writes down things on which other people do not come. And what she cannot anticipate: in the world behind the wall of fog her ideas, whether become written down or not, the truth. At least for the souls of the dead or partially dead people (partly deadly I would like to call those people who awake never again, perhaps, from the coma and I would not call a right life it if such a destiny was given.) to me Up to now 757 readings of the history number 1 "Dream of a woman" can stand for the fact that one wishes more of it, in any case, in in English, why not, the real life enough motives give for stories, or connecting pieces just like this it should be. Also of fantastic kind.

In Sgrumies island world it is not snowing of course, but in the time before the guests they visited, she became quite curious what could proceed meanwhile on the mainland and there it was snowing. How the people handled with the snowy masses - still! - (always with the excuse: if costs all too much money if one looked at the journeys which would be necessary to transport the snow from the town) did not like her at all. Voluntary work? Where, on the other hand, people were paid slightly for it to perform just work which simply resulted in hard winter? Now who slaves already with pleasure for little money. And Sgrumie smiled, because unwound in her imagination to themselves another life.

Supervision cameras had at all times a bad call, or almost? How, however, if these cameras served to hand over the person also rewards only because they did something for other people, voluntarily? The woman outlined figures to which one had planted chips, boys blue, girls red, but also the prison inmates which in green and other sections just still other colours of the chips from birth. A special supervision apparatus of the newest form originated in her thought and automatically then as described. The cameras disturbed the townscape not particularly, for the species person which should just receive rewards (lighter work, better food, nicer leisure activities etc.) had to strike it as peculiar in that hard winter: gigantic containers with the label "Snow", Hatches in which one should shovel this snow.

What also stood on it. Who did not laugh there! But it just heard not on to be snowing and as the first children, thus from age 5 years with small little shovels began to shovel snow in these containers, maybe from fun or only from curiosity, enthusiasts and just the children could observe themselves how a neon writing announced: which works here reward is given, all the same which age. Surprisingly? And these little ones got very well her reward in the day-care centre: them was given another job creation scheme which promoted the grey cells even further, but which also exceptionally fun prepared. And it got about, as usual, with specific features.

Now day and night were released ways and streets from the white masses and where handed this mass there? Now in the container always there ruled a constant temperature of nearly 20 degrees, water flowed unhindered into subterranean pipes and because one watered meanwhile even the desert, the water on confidential ways reached there, released by all injurious materials which the earth needs not really. Whether did it promise irritated person from cold and snow to be paid for work? Of course, because few months later they might travel graded, (then always some working places must be taken.) to areas which had not been accessible to them before. The life relieved itself bit by bit, working hours more slightly, because where so much voluntary activity was performed, there one had to ask nobody more to the work, one would have been very silly if one had done nothing.

And if enough wage was not! And so apparently ridiculously this also appeared first, it encouraged many people to help itself mutually more, because on strange ways (-from the planted chips one knew only when the doctor does not ask the name, but only nodded, the arm took and scanned him) - a special place always got to know from the activity and computer provided dependably for the fact that no one was disadvantaged. From the cold time became such a time for which different people even were glad, but to it so far would be, also knew Sgrumie if she saw the discontented population in many countries in such a way, much virtual dust would still have to be whirled up. And the biggest achievement would be sometime: Money for what is this immediately required?! But this nice dream will remain quite forever a dream, because a lot also depends in 2010 on it: how much money on the accounts is how much just certain accounts is absent, for which reasons also always.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 02/23/2010.


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