Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (26)

The man who changed his name - subtitle


“Behind the mirrors” as a title, so I have thought to me, there is somewhere already and better if I take another title. Ralph, or he who had kept up to now for this managed not at all with the fact that he should be unknown now such a kind of mister. And he asked the companions to call him, nevertheless, Michael Adam on which they had a look surprised and said that it posed no problem. But still at the next night he preferred to steal away.

He did not know exactly, where be him should lead away, but the world in nearness of the wall of fog changed constantly and this time there stood there a very big house, the upper floors would have disappeared in the clouds if there was here which. 100 floors or more? He entered the building by a door which also rose by itself, no one there, why. Straight away he felt that he had to go no step, a rolling road took every strain from him, although he had searched them, nevertheless? In a luminous board the writing stood on the left and on the right from him: ”Strain could come enough, but rests if you want, puts down you and waits for what will not come maybe also.”

No, he did not stand beside himself, but he acted what one offered to him and became more tired, the longer this journey went and he fell asleep, dreamt of gigantic wall bars which appeared in the middle of the sea, he swam there, climbed high and higher and higher, 20 metres were nothing at all for him and then he jumped in the water. Why he climbed so high? Who asks already for sense or nonsense in dreams, he dived deeply and reached in an underwater town which he could enter, he breathed and found being, manlike, but everybody moved only if he touched them...

Rudely he fell in one of the rooms on the ground and stared at something what could be a window, it had, in any case, clutches like one. But the look did not go outwardly, he looked at scenes from films in which he had helped - as he had believed up to now - and also from films with which he had nothing to do, the faces of those people were empty: no eyes, no noses, no mouth, but he heard words and noises and everything beyond all measure clearly. He fled from space to space, while he did this, somebody pressed to him a glass in the hand, he overthrew something down what he already knew: it was completely intoxicating, was good awfully. And he reeled, finally, in an empty space with a gigantic mirror. “You are where you belong!”

This time there sounded a charming voice and hardly she had spoken to an end, there he was dragged like by a whirlpool in the mirror. and only to find itself on the other side in a space which he recognised as a theatrical cloakroom, with a mirror, at the side a side on which text stood, the original text of that piece in which the other man helped. Shaking the head he considered himself, hard propped itself up when one knocked. An employee peeped with the head shy in and anyhow this situation seemed to him strangely famously, he thought only: ”It should not start just, not again.”

And this time he really seized one of the small figures, it threw lively in the gigantic mirror, felt immediately that just these particles took up him and he was found on the side behind the mirror again at dark night...

While he tried to find the way in the new surroundings, awoken Madleine, because the name Michael Adam did not go for her any more from the head. Why had he selected this false name? Ralph Fiennes as a diplomat changed his name in just Michael Adam. Did he get away, the anonym, possibly never from the wrong identity? Had he fled, therefore?

Madleine could not know yet that he had gone, however, it anticipated and woke up the others. Sgrumie looked at the screen of the computer, the device had switched on itself and there appeared a text: “Because everything would have happened in such a way as it was at the beginning, he wanted to escape from this situation, he will not succeed, this endless history goes on.” And first it seemed so also, because we simply maintain Michael - these names because he started to feel fine with it - entered a building which was just again the theatre and somebody pressed to him in passing a package in the hand, just the wrong written screenplay which he had started to hate at that time. When he read now the first side, stood there: ”He changed his name because there may not be the other man twice.”


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 03/03/2010.


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