Gloria Harris


I found Billy's obituary in the newspaper this morning. All I can
remember was him as a small boy, smiling and laughing and trying to fit in
with Jill and I, when we would hang out. I feel so bad for their family.
What are they feeling right now? How could you even wake up in the morning,
let alone attend your own son/brother/friends funeral? That poor boy, that
family, their hearts, their minds, their souls... the horror they must be
experiencing in their heads right now.... I pray that God has accepted
Billy's soul, I am sure he has. I believe that no matter what kind of person
you are on Earth, God will still take your pure soul, which can never be
touched by hate and evil (away from your mind and body that has been
engulfed by it form this world) to Heaven where there is no evil, never has
been and never will be. That is one thing that sets my mind at somewhat
ease. I am so sorry about his death. I know that there is/was nothing I
could do, but my heart is bursting from my chest for him and his family. I
can not imagine, do not want to imagine feeling the way they must feel right
now. All I know is I have this ache that is deep in my own soul/heart/waking
mind, relentlessly bringing back memories of Billy as a child. His face ad
his smile and his laughter. My stomach turns, when I consider how his
sisters feel. His mom and his dad, who I know had a special place their
hearts for him, like every parent does, but he was their only son. He would
help his dad doing the outside chores at home, in the sunshine, so close in
distance to the place where his short life ended, by his own hands. I know,
I know, it's all just too bad. God holds Billy's heart now. May he be
blesses in heaven, where his smile will shine through all the darkness his
mind held on Earth. My prayers are clouded with sadness. I will always
remember Billy.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gloria Harris.
Published on on 03/03/2010.


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