Mauchian Saunders



   Dear, it's nice to know, you own everything, that belongs to you.

   Dear, I want that too and will eventually own, all that I want, too. But this don't mean, that I envy you. Oh no, absolutely not!

   Dear, all human has needs. The need for food, clothing, shelter, security and love. And beings that your human too, your also in need of the needs laws too.

   Dear, you own, your food, your own clothing, your own apartment, your own alarm system and your own man. I own some things too, except for a man. But this don't mean, that I want or envy you of your man. Oh no, absolutely not! 

   Dear, a sister wrote a poem, that states, "she wants her own man." I the writer of this poem, truly can relate, to what that poet wrote. I don't want no sister's man. I want my own man.

   So, keep this mind, when you see me, dear. That I don't want your man. This writer, of this poem, wants her own man. Oh yes, absolutely yes!







All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mauchian Saunders.
Published on on 03/19/2010.


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