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History about sweeping, which to bumf and that what is else

Though my friend meant: „We both will sweep the house order (before own front door at least 2 stairs and wipe) already create, no worry.“ Of course I gave myself no troubles, because I can remember very clearly (indistinctly would have been better) in 1994, to a joke which is from today's view a joke at which I could not laugh at that time, however. In the end of 1993 I returned in the working everyday life, really depressively – the mother's being can bring thus with himself if one is left alone with child - to bring top performances, but absolutely determined, at least on work if I was already good as a mother a little, I at least imagined. Or was also still talked into me later. Work? Oh yes, only she dealt absolutely nothing with what I had learnt in 1981, cleansing strength. Think sometimes to be able to make also this job from today's view perfectly as possible, so all kinds of things are to be followed, now what I might first follow in the end of 1993, in the beginning of 1994 and should decontaminate: To webs in the cover of the man's toilets, with verdigris overcast toilet washbasins, annoyance there was later about the toilet paper roles which lay on the snow. Snow on the roofs of working barracks. The barracks in which people worked which only about knew when her working hours in this national railway management bent to the final end. And I have seen more than a sad woman who could not laugh at the macabre jokes at all which were there, among the rest, so: „Well, here long we do not have any more.“ Though I may lose about the height of the former compensation no word – for which reasons also always - but: if one already complains to missing toilet paper, should land this what exists just not on the roofs of the working barracks. About the legacies of women if these her monthly problems have there I better write nothing, would maybe read to itself as well as any text segment from the novel "Feuchtgebiete". The men who might clean the afloat toilets again (congested inventory get ready, well, one knows this, but, only perhaps, because bandages and tampons simply do not belong in the toilet! If this does not know only since today, others never understand it, unfortunately.... I have regretted the men for it...), you had my whole sympathy! Barracks one had to fancy so: not like in a concentration camp – of course not! - a long way in the middle, on the left and to the right of the way the doors which led to the studies. Also in these barracks: Toilets, wash basins, but also high garbage bags from stable material. Oh how I have cursed once, because I could not create these garbage bags of course with once away, I sorted from in a smaller bag. Now the wilted roses which stung the fingers this would not have had to be still, right? (yes, worth Mr. X: would not have I brought from home missing bags, would also have nothing become.) with such chicaneries (best of all still cleaning materials from home bring?!) if one tried to get rid of me as the just last regular cleaning strength of the road (national railway management), nevertheless, this supposes quite strongly. Since one had already dismissed all the other cleansing forces which had once a firm employment contract with the road to let clean from a foreign company. And just with these nice ladies I got by very well, strangely not?

The smaller bags let create better away and even strong men sometimes helped me in taking away which could also not understand maybe, why I did not defend myself better against this kind of work. Do not misunderstand, to all ladies and men who clean nowadays! Not the work on itself was the degrading, but the following fact: legally one should give me an equivalent job after the return in the professional life, or assure just, it did not happen. Since between the dispatchers who just does his work at the desk and a cleansing strength the often heavy physical work do (respect before this courageous working!) a gap, which I exists just thus überwandt: for health reasons I always had (from child time!) to fight with back problems and there one of the employer (by the way, also from the state places not!) may not expect that this looks and asks for even anxiously: “Well, how do you create it?“, I visited a specialist for orthopedics and this though certified to me that the problems were there, but – now it comes! – He put down kind of the activity: “no heavy lifting and carrying“.

Well, nevertheless, wittily, cannot be avoided "completely" with the activity as a cleansing strength. Since one does not have a Buttler who goes after with one the heavy water buckets or creates bags to the garbage can.

Before work I have never squeezed, by the way, before retraining also not, all the same whether it later what brought or not. Empire became one: but, nevertheless, for the time being in experience and this what is already, or?

Oh: Subject: and what is else: Kind of the disposal, as I could see them: somebody probably threw his television or old screen for the computer from the window, directly on the lawn where children play. If this could never observe earlier, but is still to be thought far away that earlier everything was better, although... But I leave this sometimes dearer, dear friends who want to read this.

By the way: though one cannot laugh at chewing gums which other people on the stairs leave, but as long as one can agree still from, it is in order and has wiped I, by the way, alone, silly only: the bucket too hard made. Besides, maybe my subconsciousness thought of the nice lady who taught me when I then just the bucket to did not fill on top there with water: „We have here enough water.“ At all such a thing gave them of itself and also I saw again this woman sometime weeping, but I did not ask what would be then her grief. At that time she also did not interest, why my piece of bumf bucket only half-filled water was not three quarters-full and. Yes, one partially stops being interested in other people who put silly questions purely from disinterest...

2. By the way: Barracks were torn off meanwhile and the place fullly now another purpose. If THIS was here a report, I would add sometime photos "old" and "anew", however, does not go well, maybe completely in such a way, because: so badly often the terms of employment were also, to me it was very important, to endure and to be among people, an easy person who did not make no difference to me. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 04/25/2010.


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