Amir Rizk

Pandora's Mirror

“i am going through see myself in the mirror... because my own is broken”

“even after looking into the new mirror for countless times I still like to look another time”

“the shards of the mirror do not show a accurate picture but its it better than none”

“sometimes its the mirror which is all you need”

“why am I collecting the shards of the mirror? I think I forgot something important...”

“am I bothered by my own perception of my doings?”

“or am I bothered by the outcome?”

“why am I bothered at all?”

“maybe I just want to thank the mirror”

“shards may cut but do not harm”

“sometimes weird aproaches are necessary”

“wicked problems, righteous solutions”

“sometimes I think the mirror wants to tell me something”

“how could I not speak back when the mirror talks to me?”


 You should be dead.. but... why are you still alive?


“Because I should have never died“

“the mirror on the wall lied.... “


“and so did the shards“


but why are you still looking into the mirror?


“because there is a light“



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amir Rizk.
Published on on 04/27/2010.


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