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The conversation

Pieter looked in the sky for this blue light, it sank sometime into the sea. He also headed on it, then had to lie down, however, in the water on the back, the companions stood before the waters as dazed. Now he deeply heard from the depths of the element that voice which it of his father was. She said: "Send back all the others, come back then to me and hear what I must say you."

Nothing else was left to him, than to do exactly this and because the water was warm always constant, he could feel everything around himself as very pleasant. "Where are you?" "You must not ask loudly, simply thinks and I will answer to you in such a way that only you hear it and understand."

And thus both spoke with each other, Pieter did not dare to ask, why he could hear the voice of his father only here in the water, because he had, however, these thoughts, this answered immediately:„ I do not live here really which at what of my body (I might never look as human) was left, a sort of soul which is similar, however, to that of people is, so to speak, a weak consolation. Where my transparent body exists, there it is always warm, no worries torment me, no superfluous thoughts, I have no more fear. Something else: I have here, so to speak, a tiny part of the sky only for myself, this is also accepted by the other beings, because him everybody has. When I existed in the previous history, it happened always with the faith, I would be him and him and in myself I heard all those thoughts which the real person probably had. When I found out that all only one fallacy was, I broke down if this was possible if one may call this so. Here, however, I may commit mistake, I may not call myself as perfectly and I do this with pleasure, with pleasure. I will be in thoughts always around you, all the same where you are. Because of me you can also put up an altar, me adore, but this is necessary not really, it would be only a pretty place on the original side, only for us. And if one more knows: „During the day I am one hour even a right person, then you can see me, as that whom I wanted to be, but we are able and also maintain only about thought, you want this?“ Pieter nodded only and then returned quite confused to the companions.

These asked him and because to him with the altar it seemed so absurdly, he answered quite evasively, however, Madleine and RF strongly penetrated into him and he said them everything. Madleine shook only the head, then, however, smiled and turned to RF:“ This looks similar to him, or looked similar to him when he still played the role, we have also our job in this history, but I feel empty and deaf without him, does it not go for you also thus?“ Pieter looked at RF startled which nodded.“ Yes, we have to fulfil here all one job, but we can act not without him, it is or was always the fulcrum and pivot here among us. The altar sees to the real person whom he has tried to put, not really similarly. The man was and has never depended on the fact which one adores him whether he made fun of too fanatical fans and makes if they worshipped him and still worship, I do not know, is also not important. It must put an absolutely new kind of being in Michael alias imitation of Ralph, but whether we must bend to his ideas, also on it I know no answer.“ RF left Madleine and Pieter and now went on his part to those waters where maybe the voice was still to be heard...

Michael, or that what was left of him seemed to have waited for him, because had hardly sat down RF in the water, there RF already heard the strong voice, much more hard than he knew them: „I accept, the altar does not fit you, the Pieter because of me can put up, but I wanted to him only give to understand that I can return by no means to You and become, because then the old doubts would come up again in me, it goes well to me here really. I go through all phases of a person and in the order which I want. I can live through also different phases several times, yes, I live the 1st time like I have always wanted it or how it should always have been. No, the altar is as superfluous as yours Here being, goes so rather, before it could bore me.“

„I can say in addition only, Michael: now I would have to despise you because you will also destroy our existence if goes on so crazily. Because you behave like a demigod, you have of course no more sensations, to you even your son makes no difference. Madleine will hate you, she will resolve in few days also in air, but then maybe her soul can take revenge for you, I hope this, yes, now I believe even: I also start to hate you, because you have exactly known what you did at that time when you have disappeared for good. And all that only for a nice dream, because to be a person. But just the deliberate people there may not be twice and we know this everybody.“ RF left behind the voice which wanted to answer to him and found a full of expectaion Madleine which became very sad, however, when she found out that theirs all destiny seals
was because there would never again be Michael how they knew him up to now. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 05/19/2010.


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