Andreas Aschberg

The Lonely Wizard (Part I): The Foreboding

Part I: The Foreboding

Don't tell me what to do when I know what is right
Don't tell me that it's black when I know it is white
Don't talk about light when I don't need no guide

'Cos I'm out on the road
And I push myself through
I'm out in the fields
And I do what's to do

Don't stand in my way when I'm a bit in a hurry
Don't linger to ask for advise when you're worried
In my heart the wisdom of ages is burried

I don't want to rule you
I throw you no curse
I'm not to destroy lives
I'm there to preserve

Don't believe all you see, it's too easy to fake
Don't talk about saftey you don't know what's at stake
Don't trust in yourselfs you don't got what it takes

I look for the future
In my crystal ball
Strange powers restrain me
I see a dark wall

You should beg for help for darkness will come
The servants of doom they won't make no fun
They've arisen again and they'll darken the sun

They will darken the sun

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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andreas Aschberg.
Published on on 06/03/2010.


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