Meike Schrut

"Recollections of Monika S."

"Oh Monika.! What we had, nevertheless, fun in the gynaecological clinic! Just at a place where fun is not necessarily present always. We joked about our life, our suffering, our men. I still see your face before myself when you, on your first day on awake station got up and stared in the window before yourself. You did not look like a classical beauty - anyhow not-: your stocky figure wrapped up the hair still more unkempt and the pink little shirt rather tightly. In your voice I tried to guess about morning of the 6/27/1992 your age, it got to know later very much surprised from you: you counted whole 32 years?! We got on admirably and reported to each other how it had gone out to us during the last days. While your friend had his fright still before himself, mine had already behind herself. It is not nice just to find out sooner or later that an OP is necessary to help a child to the light.

I had to nobody to whom I could precomplain, how much my belly of the seam tweeted, you immediately spoke with your arrival in the room on me one or told for yourself? My blood pressure became apparent, but anyhow you interested me and thus I also listened during the next days, longed me anyhow after you as a sister. Our both lives: so diverse, I hid something from you, surprised me how much you wanted to tell and were able. As if had you already used since longer time?!

Our friends tore her silly jokes about our socks, the Trombose prevented, we took calmly it."

2 months after Martin's birth I stared at these lines, first and then in 2010 just in Stralsund again. I have resolved to get rid so gentle recollections, in T. anyhow, but not to Monika. She has never insulted me or has offended as it the father of my child should act in the course of the years. No, he was not indeed any more the dream prince of 1991. There never was marriage, fortunately, I might have nothing more to do with an alcoholic from... And I decide which man an alcoholic became in my eyes, there a glass of beer is already enough in every evening. And also of course when it slowly in the morning starts to stink of sweat and alcohol smoke. Nice that I found in the 2/17/2003 the courage to move with child and thus lines have been left and far nicer recollections of "my" Monika than of the producer of my child.

Why now again lines only on in German, then in English translation on my side? Also such a kind to finish with my life recollections. Clear I have differently felt in 1991 than during later years, was as amusing in 1991 as now again. Be always pensive: who needs this then! And my boy will be 18 years old in the 6/26/2010 to begin a lot of opportunity for him like for me by. I hope, he uses his talents. He must not touch it that big draftsman who became famous by a little bit completely other as by pictures, but roughly so well he could become. My son also has talent to the actor anyhow: can cry on command was the least. May be, he developed with the years better talents than one day.

Before I forget it: my current friend and I searched Monika in her former job, it was station help in the neck noses ears clinic. One also had them, how many other: dismiss. Whether does she probably still live in Greifswald? I hope, you go well, to her children (2 daughters) and her friend or husband. If you may have got a nice job!



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 06/04/2010.


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