Bitan Nath


Author :-  Bitan Chandra Nath (India)
The ending part

Teacher ; What you thinking ?

Student ; Thinking! Thinking! and Thinking!

Teacher ; What about it ?

Student ; About the Power.

Teacher ; OK, I will discuss it to you. Do you know about " wave "?

Student ; Like - wave in water.

Teacher ; And may be sound by which you talk to me.

Student ; Power. Sir, tell me what is the source of it ?

Teacher ;
        1. The earth moves around the sun.
        2. The sun has its motion in the  Milky Way  Galaxy.
        3. The Galaxy in its own motion.
        4. And at last all over the universe, the - event of power.

Student ; thank you sir, according to me,
        time is the power to humankind.
                        All of us.

Student ; Sir, going to talk about, the time, the place and the person.

Teacher ; Do you know,
        1. What is life ?
        2. Do you have the knowledge, which can burn your heart in the fire of truth faith ?
           You told about  the time, the place and the person.
        3. Do you feel cry of our mother nature ?

Student ; This is not my question !

Teacher ; Question about what ?
        At first you and all of us need to wake up from cloudy sky of our mind,
        That's why - humanity still waiting for us. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Bitan Nath.
Published on on 06/25/2010.


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