Jonas King

I need you

need you

need you. When I look straight in your eyes, I realize that I need

need like a passion, a force which push yourself in your furthest
thoughts, your aims in order to settle permanently in your head. It
would be like a magnificent parasite waiting to multiply itself and
then taking the control of your reason.

heart is immediately connected to your middle brain and tries to
follow the impressive rhythm that imposes this river of hormones
called dopamine and adrenaline. If the heart succeeds to resist a
long time enough, maybe it will be able to transform it in an added

moved, I'm upset when you touch my soul like a bird touches rainbows
: piercing them but always in a incredible tenderness and naivety.
Your heat wakes the tiny grains which compose my skin from my head to
my last nail of foot.

the sensitive cells of my nose begin to prickle after having smelt
your soft and delicate perfume, my body becomes unverifiable and I
tremble like an addicted man who misses his heroin. You're this drog
for me, my air, my reason to fight for breathing.

need you.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jonas King.
Published on on 07/18/2010.


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