Richard Rodriguez



I shall tell you a story if I may be so bold

it may prove to be the saddest one ever told

it started back in high school while in my teens

I fell in love with a beauty I thought her my queen

as time went on I am ashamed to say I got her in trouble in the family way

I could have wasnt my fault, and she could have said the

Same; instead in each other in arms we detrimentally shared the

blame; a twitter feeling rested on my soul as both of her parents were

told we expected, shame, anger, and rage and all other things that make one

age but behold, a truly turn of events the evinced the true meaning of

parents there was none of those bad feelings that I could discern

only a little pity and plenty of concern the explained to us the fatuity of our

deed of the untimely release of my seed after that talk, told with

precision they left it up to us to make a decision we weighed the facts

as carefully as we could all the while I cursed my forceful entrance into

manhood the decision to see the doctor came to our head all the while

wishing some others were in our stead after that visit, we were both broken hearted

and soon afterwards...we parted; my thoughts go back every now and then of a mystery child who would have been ten..






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Richard Rodriguez.
Published on on 06/30/2005.


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