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Last Day Warrior's Morning Routine



 7am.  She heard the bed creak and knew he was up.    And then,

“Mom!  Did you see my helmet?”  Six year old Ellis Youngman yelled from his bedroom.

  Here we go again, Ellis’ mom thought.  The whole idea of the Helmet was to help Ellis remember that he needed it to help him; his saving grace.  But if he forgot where it was…then how could it…?

Good golly, Ellis’ mom thought.  What’s a mother to do?  She went from room to room and finally found the helmet in the box next to the bicycle where all Ellis’ helmets were;   the Star Wars one, the baseball one and the football one.  

“ Boys and their toys,”  Ellis’ mommy sighed and shook her head.    She ruffled through the box and unearthed Ellis’ Helmet of Salvation.  She found him in the playroom on his hand-held, on Christian Kid’s Net , playing ‘Beat the Devil Down’  (rated YW for Young Warriors),  with his online buds.

“Here, honey,” mommy said, as she adjusted the H.O.S. on  Ellis’ head, while he continued to play.  She made sure he could see through the visor and that the straps were secure.

She stepped back to take a look at her warrior boy.  As she did so, Ellis’ big boy pants fell down.

“Oh, honey,” Mommy said…”Did you forget to put your belt on?”

“No,”  Ellis answered, as he stood in his Bible briefs and shook his head.    But then he remembered what it said on the belt and a little “hurty”  was suddenly in his stomach.

“Yeah, mom…I did forget.  Sorry.  I was playing and forgot. “    He offered her the hand –held and  felt the ‘hurty’ go away.   She took it gently and put in on the floor.

“It’s o.k. , baby.  Just get it and put it on ….tight.  It will help strengthen your core and walk straight.  It will also hold up your pants,”    Mommy said and smiled.

So Ellis got his Belt of Truth, put it through the pants loops and belted it.   Immediately his pants looked better and he straightened up. 

“Thanks, mom.    I’m the  best-est  warrior for God.   I can do anything!”

“I know you can, honey.  With God…”

               “Anything is possible,” Ellis finished.

“Yes, it is,”  Mom agreed.

“What’s next, my soldier of God?”

“The Bresk-plate of Write-Us Ness.”  Ellis answered, his face all kinds of serious now.

“Right.”  Mom said.

Ellis ran to his shirt drawer and pulled out the Breast Plate with the Cross on it.  He handed it to his mom and she placed it around him.

“For  protection, little warrior.”  She said as she strapped it around his chest.

Suddenly his mom burst into song:

“Ready for the Weapons of Warfare…Da! Da!...DUMMMM!”

“K, mom.”  Ellis answered.  “ Just let me say  bye to my friends?”

“Sure honey,”  She picked up the hand-held ,  gave it to him,  and waited while he texed:

got 2 go guyz…do-T- calls,”  and then powered down.

              Ellis put down the device and snapped to attention.  This was the part mom liked best.

“Warrior Ellis Youngman, reporting for duty, Gen-er-el  Mom,”  he said in his best Big Boy voice and saluted her, sort of.

“Weapons check!”  Mom snapped.

“Yes, sir…mom.”  Ellis answered.

“Shield .”  Mom ordered.

Ellis ran to the side of his bed, bent down and dragged it from underneath the bed. 

“Back off, you fiery darts!!   You can’t get through!!”  Ellis said as he moved the shield round and round to fend off the invisible attack.   He ran back to ‘Gen-rel  Mom ‘ and resumed his attention pose.

“ Shield.  Check,”  he said as he held it against him.  The word FAITH shone in embossed Gold Letters,   as he raised it. 

“Sword.”   Mom ordered.

“Oh…yeah,”  Ellis said.  He ran to the book shelf, lifted the sword off the top of the books and unsheathed it from the holder that had a picture of the Big White Bird on It.

He began a slow sword kata that he had learned in Christ Karate Kamp.

He “danced” the kata with precision and “cut” the lies of the Enemy as he wielded the sword to and fro. 

“No, Devil! ”  Ellis yelled. “ I will NOT believe your lies!”  He yelled, as he diced and sliced at the air around him.

             He marched slowly back to his mother, now carrying sword and shield ,  his head held high covered by his Helmet .

Mom stepped back smiled the biggest smile Ellis had ever seen.  She moved close to him, went down on her knees before him.  She suddenly hugged him tightly.

“My little Warrior,” she said.  Ellis heard her sniffle.

“Mom?”  He said.

She let go of him and looked him over one more time.  Even through the helmet’s visor, he could see her eyes were wet.

She moved quickly and adjusted his helmet, tightened his belt and pressed his shield against him,

“Like this, Ellis.  Over your heart.    Always. ”  She pressed it into him.

“O.k., mom.   I will.”  He said.

     She looked him up and down, and her eyes rested on his bare feet.  Ellis followed her gaze.  He smiled, put down the sword and shield and ran to get his comfy chair.  Mom went to get the foot oil and strap on sandals.

Ellis sat down and stretched his toes and rubbed his feet against the thick floor carpet in anticipation of the massage.  He felt a warmth settle over him even before mom poured the oil on her hands.  He breathed in deeply,  and let it out slowly.  A calm came over his whole body.  He watched her, Gen-Er-Al  Mom,  mommy, spread the oil on her hands and rub them together.

She kneeled down and lifted his feet onto her knees.

“And finally,”  Mom said, “ Your feet are Shod in the Gospel Of Peace.   The Word of God.”

She took his right foot and began to massage it.  Deep pressure, warm anointing oil, caressed the foot and Ellis leaned back in his comfy. 

“Awesome, mom,”  he said as he closed his eyes and lay his head back.

She then picked up the right sandal, placed it over his foot and strapped it on.

“Good?”    She asked.  Ellis just nodded his head and smiled.

Mom then picked up his left foot, and began the massage.   This one needed some extra attention, she spent some extra time and effort to rub the calluses, and massage the blisters.

“Mmm,”  Ellis sighed,  and his smile widened.  His mom smiled too and then strapped the left sandal on.

“And now, my son,”  mom  whispered.  

“Let’s declare,  and get this day started.”

“Yes, mom.”  Ellis said.

He got up slowly and went to his bookcase.  He took out THE WORD FOR YOUNG WARRIORS ,  and went back to His Comfy Chair.

He opened up to Psalm 91 and began to Read:

“The Young Heart that Lives in the House of God, will be calm and peaceful under the Protection of God.” 

Now his day could begin.

This story is based on the Bible Scripture:

The Full Armour of God, Ephesians 6, verses 10-18.

It is also a vision of what the Christian Youth will look like in the last days, and how they will begin their day.
Authors comment

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 07/31/2010.


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