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Prince Charming Cooper

Prince was born 15th of February, 1995 to a Mr. and Mrs. Beauregard. Sounds like a nice start, but it wasn't. Most kids were loved from the start but he wasn't, not even the first time his mother held him in his arms. Her words said it all, "No more kids. I have a reputation." Ever since then, he was left with countless nannies and hundreds of babysitters. His mother never liked them so she always fired them and hired a new one. If they took a liking to the small boy, she would even try and sell him, but after a small investigation over a complaint from a former babysitter, she had to stop her sales pitch. She also got fired from her job, and since work was tight she had to stay home and take care of Prince. All day, she left him in his high chair, surrounded by foods that he couldn't eat and even bottles of alcohol. His dad laughed and would make him drink the beer, saying, "You'll grow up a real man."

When Prince was nearly three, he was at a friends house for the day and came back with makeup on his face. He knew by then that his family didn't like him being loud or doing anything that attracted attention to himself, but he yelled for his mamma anyway to show off how 'pretty Prince is'. His mother stormed in and looked at her son, dancing around with lipstick and blush on his face, and she picked him up, slapped him around the head and yelled at him for a good half hour. He was shoved into the bathroom and soon, shoved into the bath. His clothes were still on, his mother didn't care about that, but the water was scolding. His eyes widened as he screamed bloody murder, his skin turning bright red. His mother just poured the water over his head and scrubbed him clean.

That was the first instance that Prince can remember of his abuse, and there were hundreds other. Each day, his mamma, or even his dad ( when he was home from work ) would abuse him in some way. When guests were around, it was ten times worse. Mr. and Mrs. Beauregard had friends who also laughed when the young child got slapped around or shoved into the pitch black cellar for hours on end as they called out threats about the boogeyman or spiders. Prince wasn't allowed to go to school so he didn't have any friends or teachers he tell. He was alone in the world.

He was seven years old when his parents kicked him out of the house, physically, and told him to get lost. He was amazed. He hadn't been out of the house in about three months and didn't know what to do with his freedom. Since he was happy to be outside, not being beaten or burned, he forgot completly about telling someone or even running away. He danced around the block, sang at the top of his lungs and just was happy to be alive and outside. But all good things come to an end as it some became dark and his father pulled up in the ute beside him, came out and shoved the boy into the back, growling at him and hitting him repeatedly, screaming about he wasn't allowed to be outside, let alone have fun. Again, death threats came, but he'd been suffering all his life so he knew he wasn't going to be killed, just beaten.

A year later, his parents were particulary angry for some reason, and of course, they took it out on their scrawny little eight year old son. But this time, after having got no sleep at all after having to stay awake all night to clean the house, he picked up a knife from the kitchen and waved it at his parents, yelling at them to leave him alone and let him have fun. His parents started to laugh and pulled the knife from the boys hand. Mr. Beauregard grabbed Prince and scraped the knife down the boys chest, blood hitting the floor before the knife was even removed. Both the adults laughed and laughed as Prince curled into a ball, screaming uncontrollably. But lucky for Prince, a neighbour had heard the screaming and laughing when he was tending to his garden so he called the cops.

Two weeks later and Prince was released from hospital. He had a least 300 stitches down his chest, all bandaged as it had gotten infected and he was told that his parents were going to be in jail for the rest of their lives and he was going to a new home. But when he arrived at this new home, where they showered him with toys, books, clothes and an older sister, he didn't like it. They crowded him, always wanting to know about him or getting his opinion. It was the opposite of his parents, but he didn't like it. He wan't freedom, not overcrowding, so he packed his bags when he was nine and just left.

He'd been caught, moved and run away so many times over the years that eventually, the social services just placed him in an orphanage where he did have freedom, but it was impossible to run away from. He stayed there for two years, making friends at the start but being alone at the end because he was never picked for adoption and his friends were, so he didn't want to get close to anyone if they just left anyway. But one day, when he was reading a book in the corner of the older kids room, because he was fifteen then, a social worker tapped on his shoulder and he was taken to the interview room. He'd been there a few times, but no-one ever liked him. He liked the orphanage so he gave bad interviews so no-one picked him.

An man sat opposite him, smiling softly and then he started to talk about who he was. He was Jordan Cooper, 32 years old and he already had quite a lot of kids but he was always on call for a few more. He lived in a very large house, which was once an old hospital but doen up, and he had a lot of roon. He'd come there to adopt five more kids to add too his brood, and was interviewing some he liked. Prince, not caring about the guy, gave a bad interview again. But Jordan just got more interested and by the end of the week, he had packed his bags and was starting his new live as a Cooper.

He has to admit now, that he did love living at the Cooper house. He didn't like it at first, not at all, but after a few months, he started to warm up to it. There were heaps of kids of all ages, and if he made friends with them, they didn't leave. But one thing bothered him, the one thing that had bothered his parents and had started their unnatural abuse and that was the fact that he was gay. He'd known it for years, but he didn't actually tell anyone. When he started school, he was surprised at the abuse he got for just acting and looking gay. It was like being a child all over again. But he learnt to hide in the library and that's where he met Kleon. Kleon was gay too, openly gay, but was abused too by the bullies at school and even his own family.

Prince and Kleon never went into detail about their pasts as if they asked about the other, they might have to explain their own. But they both started to fall in love with each other and for months now, Kleon had come over to Prince's house and they danced on the rooftops and sang till night-time. Kleon never stayed the night so Prince always walked him home, both worried the other would be sprung and killed in the night-time. Kleon was dangerously close to dying if he was hurt too much, and Prince couldn't let that lay on his conscience so he risked himself for his boyfriend.

For now, Prince is happy. His parents, who he keeps up with, will be released back to the world in two years. So much for life, but he can't argue with the law.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Becks Woods.
Published on on 09/10/2010.


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