Joseph Trance



Your Blood drips from four places;
Your head, feet, hands and side,
I take the tubes and stick them in
so in me Your blood may abide.

From Your crown of bloody thorns
into my thoughts of sin,
I take Your blood and fill my
head, that my mind may be
renewed again.

From Your hands where
the nails went in,
the tubes transfuse
to mine,
so that I may never touch
again in sin, with hands
with blood that is Thine.

From Your feet, stayed
on the cross..
bloody my feet as well,
"Stop me, Jesus,
from walking paths,
that lead me into Hell."

From Your body, where pierced a
sword, and opened up Your side,
transfuse Your blood into mine
and cover my sin of Pride.

My mind, my hands,
my feet, my Pride,
blood lust, runs all four..
sin pulses through through me
that I cannot stop,
sin that I abhor.

Jesus, I cannot change my Blood,
no matter how hard I try,
it's a Transfusion that I need;
Your Blood replacing mine.

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 09/12/2010.


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