Jennifer Daniel


Darling, how
Can you talk like this
Do you know
What you’re saying
Sei still!

Darling, why
Can’t you just say
Goodbye to our old life
Frightening like a knife

Darling, close the book
Burn it and
Never take a look
Back to the black wreck

Darling, we used
To be a family
Until you refused
Him because of -
Because of?

Darling, maybe
You’re right, you have
To do it, but he
Wasn’t the evil nor me
Niemand hatte Schuld

Darling, I
Miss him and couldn’t
Say bye
But I need you
And if you sink

Darling, we
Sink together, so
Don’t leave me
As well, nein
The end won’t be fine

Response to Daddy by Sylvia Plath


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jennifer Daniel.
Published on on 10/30/2010.


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