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Roman Theatricals

It was early and I found myself alone, as I wandered around the great bath in the city of Bath. This was my first visit to the area
It was a day of festivities, where one of the main events was to be the annual occasion on releasing scores of colourful balloons.

I marvelled at the delightful setting and my mind wandered to those ancient times during the Roman occupation of Britain. 
My imagination expanded, allowing me to envisage our Roman friends as they bathed peacefully in the pleasant warm waters of the bath. 

I was quickly taken aback, when I observed these two authentic looking persons from history. 
Gracefully, they climbed from the bath and donned their garb. 

I felt a little embarrassed when I realised that I had inadvertently entered into an acting scene about Roman life in Britain.

The pair strolled along the side of the bath, gazing skywards. I cast my eyes around, searching, trying to establish the whereabouts of cameras that must be recording this scene.

Not wishing to impose upon what I suspected to be a part in some forthcoming play, one, which would later find itself entertaining millions about Roman life in Britain.
Like a fugitive I kept myself in the background, trying desperately to avoid any would be interference into any the obvious camera action.

I was in for a surprise! One of the pair, a very handsome Roman legionnaire, waved in my direction.
I looked about me! 
There was no one in the vicinity so I gathered that it must be my attention he was seeking.
Still unsure, I cautiously moved more into his vision and found that he was actually gesturing to me.
I stepped forward, smiling, feeling a little embarrassed that I may have probably distracted them from there set part in the play. 
The sun shone brightly into the bath, it’s rays casting their reflection across the surface of the water, creating shreds of shimmering light into the majesty of their surroundings.
I became even more aware of their wish to converse, and moved out from the shadows.
The female, a shadow of a smile on her pale oval face, was exquisitely beautiful. She waved, inviting me to join them. 
My initial thoughts were that the cameras were not yet in action. 
I approached them! My intension was to enquire from them, details of the play they were re-enacting.
The male, dominant in his appearance, smiled as I drew near.
He pointed at an array of balloons, which were floating gracefully in the sky.
His lips moved but not a sound could be heard.
It was most extraordinary, for I was fully conscious of his query.

Today was a Gala day in the city of Bath where balloonists competed in various competitions for speed and heights in a range of colourful balloons.

”Man of England. What are the objects that float in the heavens above?” 
I cast my eyes skywards at several balloons, daintily floating in the morning breeze.
I heard his words, his questioning, as though on a film set . I tried to respond in similar dialect, in the tone of a professional actor.

“Today, dear sir, is a gala day in the city of Bath. Here balloonists compete in various competitions for speed and heights with a range of colourful balloons.
To sail up into the heavens is our desire. To fly like birds, and so escape the fragile stress of life on our lovely planet.”
The lady moved closer, a questioning look enhancing her profile
It was she who ventured forward to question my description.

“But sir, only the Gods are allowed the privilege of flying like birds of the air.” 
She moved slowly towards me and I was aware of the huge diamond in the ring on her finger. 
This added strength to my theory that I had involuntarily joined a film set. 
I had never seen a diamond as large and exquisite as this one. 

I was distracted, momentarily, by an ejaculation of steam from the main area of the bath . 
When I returned my gaze the two people had disappeared. 

Confused, I wandered round the bath and towards the exit.
An authorative looking person, a serious look on his face, approached me.
“What are you doing here sir?” he asked sternly, the baths are out of bounds to all visitors, unless accompanied by one of our attendants. 
You will need to join your colleagues, who are waiting to enter this historic centre.”
“But the film set!” My voice echoed hollowly across the bath area. 
”What about the scene that is being played at the moment? 
What about the actors?”

His voice was low, almost a whisper. “Sir, you must be mistaken. There hasn’t been a film set in this establishment in all the time I have been employed here. 
You, as far as I am aware, are the only person in the bath area.”

I turned and scrutinised the area behind me.
The waters were calm. 
A serene environment had spread calmly across the main bath. 
The air was silent, disturbed only by the faint burp as a bubble reached the surface of the bath.

An ice-cold tremor ran down my spine. 
Had I dreamed my encounter or was this a psychic phenomenon 

In my mind I knew that I hadn’t dreamed this strange encounter.

I returned to the bath on several occasions, mainly in a quiet period, just hoping for a repeat performance, but without success.


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Published on e-Stories.org on 11/06/2010.


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