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Creepy Christmas...?


My remark immediately in front away: not because I would find everything around subject Death so great! Thus one may not understand this story. However, do deaths not seem particularly thus in the cold season? And Christmas falls anyway in the frosty time.

Also in the fairyland, with Pitti - goblin - Schnatterinchen - duck - and tubby - dog one is glad like every year about the holy time. Most bottleneck already trudges by deep snow, in search of an especially high tree for the foyer. Since there many fairyland inhabitants will appear again for the dance, to the play and to the celebration.

One or maybe, nevertheless, two figures can start, actually, with the party of the joy thus nothing at all: the Grinch (I known by the film "Kevin alone at home", there appeared the comical journeyman in a cartoon and later Jim Carrey played the Christmas muzzle in great kind) and godfather death. Now Grinch and godfather death do not crouch in the fairyland together, they creep away in any sombre corner. The Grinch: absolutely, but godfather death would also like to accept this year the invitation of the sartorial master and there bad mood is not right.

He has already mothballed his long fatal stick - the death even more difficult is made thus to a little bit egoistically, because seriously ill people, they may walk across only from the new year 1.1 - but he completely wants to prepare for the reunion with the friends.

But even to the sombre man becomes often sadly expects if he pages through his photo albums what he even does before Christmas. He had to accompany done many friends on the last way, only he has immortality, but though not such journeymen such as distributor of the nice words (is anew born every year, but always in other figure), bearer of the bad news - a dwarf who hides the whole year, but his many brothers and sisters sends out to bring messages among the people on behalf for him. And not least: the hope bearer who is anew born though also every year, but for godfather death the resignation is always like a small death. Of course he cannot give up his uncanny job, he never would also come on this idea, or, nevertheless?

But, nevertheless, now the good-looking godfather death travels in the world history, it nails up him on a lonesome island under palms. He enjoys chill drinks, dozes around and thinks to himself, for the rest, hardly, he would have only.!

Since the unhappy souls which wait only to be allowed to return to the earth, to live again in a human body have to go along the gate which "gate is called to the rebirth". The bored goalkeeper who always waits to godfather death the suitable soul with his stick touches to the sign: here at the moment any more, but on the earth you are not welcome first of all to put off tried. "I leave no soul down, is sorry me very much." Well have it only the souls of those children whom it pushes to the earth, in the form of starlet they hurry down, nobody can detain them!

However, the goalkeeper seriously considers whether he could not help, nevertheless, and he remembers: in emergencies tricks are permitted, this is such an emergency! And he hurries - after he has bolted the gate to the infinity and has barricaded - to 4 card players: Prince spring, queen summer, king autumn and princess winter. Because it is just winter, the white princess determines which plays are thus in it, she has a silver stick - which wraps everything in icy cold - beside herself stand and they looked the goalkeeper surprises. "Nevertheless, the death will certainly come back, or?" "Yes, but when, the souls do not want to wait forever."

"Now my stick looks not at all similarly like the stick of the godfather death and would also not like to cheat I. It is not my job to help the souls." ", But it is my job to prevent the chaos if rebirths become impossibl, so loose then." She can see the goalkeeper not unhappy and she tries to help with her stick.

Of course she can touch with this also the souls, but oh: no insignificant cloud originates: many small blizzards are kindled by the white clouds and rebirths are not so also in it!

Godfather death gets how the climate changes, the sea brings much chill and very dirty water, and he anticipates who has helped there. "Rest I may never allow myself?" And it feels well that he finds the way back in the fairy tale empire, the souls which were scattered first in all hoist approach him carefully and he sends them on the earth where they slip shortly before Christmas in the just born body of a baby, do not remember what was before.

Just still creepy Christmas could be prevented, because souls cannot wait forever, may be, they change into monster if godfather death does not stand by them?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 12/10/2010.


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