Rufus Murry Jr

To Ride The Wave ,To Zenbaway, My African Queen

To Ride The Wave BackTo Zenbaway, My African Queen
I miss you ,after traveling across the seas,my heart my spirit reaches out, everyday.for your love Ileft so, so far away praying I,d get back one day, as the deserts miss the rain my heart misses the waves, back to that land they call Nigi, Nigi. Kenya , Zenboway, I work my mind to find away,to hear the sound of the cockcatoo again one day,as she sores through the African skies,spreading her wings to get back to her nest ,her home ,back to her place, where she belongs.  with a love forthe skies, a love for sea, alove for the land  that her nest sits on.Knowing without a dout that that,s where she belongs. As the deserts miss the Rain I miss my African Queen, I hear the African Sea Calling me,calling , zenboway, zenboway come back to me. As the deserts meet the rain ,The skies meet the African sea.

Written By Mr. Rufus Murry Jr.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 12/30/2010.


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