James Woods


Colours are but wonderful,
emitted in volume from light.
How poor our lovely planet would be,
if all was black and white.

Take the colours of the rainbow
as it arcs across the skies,
so gentle and so soothing,
a great pleasure to our eyes.

The rusty red of sunsets.
Our oceans green and blue.
The flowers in your garden
as they glisten with morning dew.

The blossoms falling from the tree
cascading to the ground.
It┤s such a pleasure to behold
where the greens of trees abound.

How would we recognise the football teams?
What good would it be for fashion?
No tinted cheeks, no full red lips
what would this do to passion?

The fantasyland of colourful birds.
The contrasting hues of fish.
Created by nature, encouraging mates
This is all a most colourful wish.

The seven primary colours
by the ancient Egyptians were used
to treat many ailments, to soothe many brows,
when the state of one┤s mind is abused.

Colours are wonderful. A necessity of life.
It would be sad with no colours to see!
If these silent pleasures were absent from life,
what a miserable world it would be.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of James Woods.
Published on e-Stories.org on 05/26/2004.


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