Vinu Edappam Vettil

Death Anniversary

Bell rings continuously.
“ring ............ring........ring.....”
On last ring, the maid took it up.
“You didn’t left yet? We are waiting in party hall” madam asked.
“I have finished her dressing. We will be reaching there soon”. Maid put the phone
“They have to come fast” she murmured .Elizabeth have been waiting for her child in party hall to introduce her small child to all members. She would never miss any of parties in her life because these were the place for showing her richness and prosperity.
“ring............ring.............”. Her mobile rang suddenly.
She has taken it. “Are you Miss Elizabeth?”
“This is from Central hospital. Your daughter was admitted here very seriously from an accident held in highway just now”
That baby gone from this earth by presenting a party to her mother. “Death Anniversary”


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Vinu Edappam Vettil.
Published on on 02/01/2011.


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