Tetyana Kasima

Based on 'Mozart visit to Prague' by E. Mörike

Dominating the center stands Prague’s Estate Theatre with its high columns and entrance. Right above the arch is a large sign that reads “Don Giovanni” and people in fancy livery are massing to enter.
On the left of the theater, however, there is more illumination that on the theater itself. Draw in by the section well lit compared to the relative darkness of the rest of the illustration, we see a man, his face brightly shining in the rays of light, we can clearly identify Mozart because the illustration is rendered from the portrait by Johan Nepomuk della Croce.
Mozart is surrounded by people that wear a look of admiration on their faces. Many wave hands to greet, some bow, everybody is moving towards or looking at Mozart. In contrast, Mozart holds his hands together in a humble gesture more reminiscent of a monk or saint than a musical genius. His shoulders are slumped and his steps seem to be taking him away from the center of the crowd. His facial expression is yet the same as in the planting, with full eyebrows, large cunning eyes and an honest set to his mouth.
On the right, in the dimply lit part of the painting walks another man. Separated from the crowds, obviously very much aware of the situation, looking in the general direction of Mozart, yet walking past the theatre. His expression is smug, knowledgeable. It should be, for he is Mörike.

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