Rebecca Harris


My heart was returned to me
at last
and it can fill its former place again~
It has been vacant for some time now,
though I had assumed
it was not.
Silly me for not checking in
now and again to be sure...
So I inspect this purpled fruit,
and see the bruises that begin to fade
but surprisingly not much damage
He dropped it, I see,
but did not break it entirely...
The old stitches remain,
of course,
but there is no need for new ones.

And so, I dust the empty place,
pull down the cobwebs, 
shine it up like new,
and carefully I return 
this pulsing thing
to its shelf.

Home, it says.
Welcome back, say I.
Rest, rest.
There will be time
for new adventures
soon enough.

And at the end of things, how does one go about taking
their gifted heart back...?
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rebecca Harris.
Published on on 02/23/2011.


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