Rebecca Harris

broken clouds

I love rainstorms with 
light breezes 
and sunny skies 
peeking through the charcoal clouds... 
it speaks of a promise 
I cannot tell, 
but I know this: 
a miracle is coming... 
I can FEEL it on the wind- 
pumpkins topple on the porch 
as thin whips of smoke 
curl up from 
chimney tops, 
that heavenly aroma of 
burning firewood 
mingling with crisp autumn air~ 
perfection in a day

There is just something about the crisp October days, a
chill in the air, hot cocoa in hand, blanket draped just
so, accompanied outside by bare toes that still remember
the warmth of the sun...
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Published on on 03/01/2011.


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