Shristi Roy

The Mysterious Room

It was dark outside, and everyone was going to bed. My bro and I used to sleep together. That night it was very chilly and windy. I asked my brother to close all the doors and windows of the room and set fire in the fireplace. It was winter going on and we shifted to our new home that day. The dwelling was utterly unfamiliar to us. My brother and I were very anxious to discover new places in the house. However, it was too late while we arranged the things and cleaned the house, moreover we were too tired, and so we went to sleep.
The next day, we were the first to wake up in the morning. We were over the moon to learn about our new house. We ate our breakfast as fast as we could; in a total scurry, I do not even remember what we ate. Well, when we started our exploration job, we found a mysterious door on the topmost floor with something carved on it. We went a little close to it; it was not too clear but we could read it. I asked my bro; john to read aloud the words written. He read" please don't enter this room, even at the worst conditions - John." I was shocked hearing my brother's name at the finish, referring that he wrote these lines. Nevertheless, it was not possible. We were the second ones to use this house and, even the first person lived here for only 1 month. I thought to myself," Was anyone playing a prank on us, or it was the truth? "I took guts and unbolted the opening. There was a lot of dust and dirt all over and the room was very murky. The moment I kept my foot in the room, I felt as if I was in another world far removed from ours. I was having a specific kind of feeling in my mind as if it was telling me not to cross the threshold of the room but some weird attraction was pulling me inside. I felt as if I was flying in the air. John tried to have control on me but he was unable to do so because of some shield that was all around me acting like a guardian. He ran down to tell mom about the things, even after knowing that mom will not believe on him. When he started his story mom scolded him and gave him punishment for telling such non- sense stories The enchanted powers where constantly pulling me, when suddenly I saw someone in black outfit sitting on air in deep meditation. He clicked his fingers and there was light all around us. The room, which seemed too be dirty and dark, all of a sudden, it changed to a clear dazzling room with beautiful floorings, and wall works done all over the place. It seemed as if I was in the cloud nine. Ther! e were g orgeous and colorful fountains everywhere along with beautiful paintings of nature and of the people who once lived in this palace. There were over 50 people whose paintings were hanged at different heights on a wall named,' History of the mystery'. At last, the enchantment on me finished and I was free at last. I tried to escape from the prison but I was unsuccessful to do so. I started moving on, for some moment, it seemed as if I was all alone there but a few minutes later, I heard a sound of people marching and coming towards the hall where I was standing. I climbed up some stairs from where I could see as well as hear them. A huge crowed of people entered the room and filled the whole area. At last, a woman entered the room seeming as the queen of those people. She was dark and ugly with long hairs flaring at her back with a black shine on it. She had an evil expression on her face and glowing glass like wings on her back larger than her stretched ponytail. She had a transparent bottle with her that contained her life and power. She kept that bottle with special protection inside the secret pockets of her robe. I was peeping through the spaces between the stairs when unexpectedly somebody caught my choker and hung me up in the air. When I turned my head, I was stunned to see such a creature. It had long limbs with large nails and its face was somewhat like a pig and somewhat like a tiger. It was so frightening that I fainted on the spot.
When I regained my memory, I was in a dungeon. Some other amazing creatures of that world were with me for some or the other crime. I was very bothered, how to release from this trouble. I noticed some keys suspend next to the bars .But the problem was that there were thousands of securities footing near the keys. I thought to spend the time talking to some of the creatures until there is the lunchtime. By the time the lunchtime came, the number of guards became lesser and lesser and at last, there were only two guards left. I was good in copying the sounds of people. Since I heard the voice of the queen, I made a sound asking one of the guards to go to the hall for some administration work. Now, it was the turn of the last guard. I asked everyone to be in total silence for sometime and sang a melody for him to fall asleep. That is what happened! He fell asleep and I somehow managed to grab the keys by extending my upper limb and unbolted the locks. Once I was done with my evasion work, I ran out of the prisoners' house. I saw a bright fascinating door, which was again forcing me to unlock it and enter it. There was again some force field around me, which was attracting me towards it. As soon as I opened the door I heard the voice of my bro. John shouting at me. Ignoring his speech, I entered the room but it was very blank. Then all of a sudden, John had shaken me. At a snail's pace, I opened my eyelids and saw john jumping on my bed asking me to wake up and saying," come-on sis, we have to go for the investigation work. Then I somewhat understood the matter; I was watching a dreadful nightmare! It was just a dream watched by me. I was in the bed and it was 6 o' clock morning. When the matter got into my brain, I was tremendously glad and felt comfortable.
I am extremely thankful to God that such dreams never come true. The scenes seen in dreams are just our thoughts that often bother us. Dreams are always a delusion that is just our belief, fear, or excitement regarding something special. We must never be in contact with such things that can destroy our dreams because dreamland is the only place where a person spends a few hours of relaxation and can get the time to spend hours according to his own choice. So keep dreaming well.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Shristi Roy.
Published on on 05/01/2011.


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