Dorsey Baker

A Time To Think

His telephone rang.  his girlfriend was on the line.  He couldn't believe that she
was saying what she was saying!  His demons started speaking,"Act"  "Act"
"Act" they kept saying!  Go to her house, kick in the door! Strike!  He left his house
walking.  He was going to his girlfriends' house and he did'nt know what he
would say or do.  Would he respond to his demons?!  Would he respond to his
common sense?!  As he walked along, the tension inside himself began to
subside.   His thinking was becoming clearer.  What his demons was telling
him did'nt seem so important anymore!  The power they had to control his
thoughts was no longer there!  He spoke to his demons, he told them, " I believe I'll
go back to the house", and thats what he did!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Dorsey Baker.
Published on on 06/08/2011.


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