Meike Schrut

Description of an angel


Yes what I should say,
I would not have it at all with pleasure if an angel complains.
Think only in what happened to me.
One day I knew how to write a lot
about the angel who remained on the ground.
Somebody found, it would feel well and I should read  it
other person also bring to hearing
against money: from me?!


I write, make and act? And still does pay for it?
How absurdly, as a painter paid-uply, nevertheless, prospective customers not for the fact that they his works to itself to the walls hang.!
That ONE angel whom I saw he glided to ground, completely despairs
or had completely forgotten as one ventures on the aviation
or did mean completely up there to burn, how do (I believe?) Ikarus which fell then to ground.
That angel whose description other liked in such a way, why he behaved thus?


If the darlings sometime by the death taken
why should he know how he would manage a flight?!
Hear how I also feel like to call my both guardian angels:
These are souls


Yes, I think in the fact that they, just them to me strength give day by day that they pay attention on it that no grief happens to me.
I fancy, also you believed in it or that angel who certainly appeared without halo to you?
Minds of the winds made easy the existence again and wonderfully for the angel, they deceive him, until he knows again how it can be lived over the clouds.
Yes, I suppose, you meant: "Over the clouds, in the blue of the sky what could be there still everything I do not see it, nevertheless."


Does it depend on it? I think: this does not do it!
Often it is only the firm faith in itself, to own strength. Magic and imagination: thus are the names of the minds.
The minds who may never leave you, as long as you live and work every day.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 06/15/2011.


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