Jens Marquard


I´m just yawning,
it´s the next morning,
the party was calling last night,
now after, I´m crawling,
emotions were warming,
I didn´t need a warning,
all was peacefully flowing,
confidence was growing,
was making me throwing down
my flirts with her who was glowing,
her number, now I´m knowing,

I just awoke off my nap,
yesterday I drank too much scrap,
alcohol caught me like a trap,
If I didn´t need, I wouldn´t crab,
this soft-drug which gets tapped,
ruined my whole abs,
but letting me forget is:
rap,  step, snap and clap,
I found a girl who shares my story,
now I´m getting pretty corny,
she´s love I never had, my shawty,

We´ll have a fancy party,
the DJ plays our song, we´re lucky,
and on he plays the current chart-beats,
it´s all we need, DJ thinks smartly, 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 08/11/2011.


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