Jasmine Shaw

My Essence.

Then he leapt at me, knife in hand screaming like a madman. I ran as fast as I could, knowing that he would kill me if he got half a chance. Ducking and weaving I could hear the commotion he was causing behind me, hoping it would hold him back for a while. I was running out of energy and I knew if I kept going he would eventually catch me and plunge that cold steel blade through my heart. It was vital that I found a hiding place. My feet led me to an old abandoned warehouse that my brother and I used to play in. It brought back painful memories but I knew it was my only chance of survival. I found our “secret” entrance, a plank of wood that could be pushed aside so that there was just enough room to squeeze through. I knew it wouldn’t take him long to look in here so I had to be quick. I hid under a pile of old sacks and waited.

After about five minutes I heard him try to open the main door, realise it was locked and start to kick it. I knew this would make him even angrier but I couldn’t help smiling. Finally he broke through the rotting wood and into the warehouse. He was furious. “Where is that little bitch?” I heard him curse. Under my sacks I couldn’t see a thing but I knew he was close as I could feel the vibrations his boots cause on the dusty wooden floor. Eventually after what seemed like and age, he left. My legs were stiff from not moving and it hurt my eyes readjusting to the sunlight when I emerged from my hiding place. Now I was able to take in my surroundings. I thought about my brother properly for the first time since he had been killed for his essence.

In Krueba people had been assinated for their magical essence since Valek had become dictator of the land. He ran the country like a military base and used people’s essence to control his army. People with magic’s only hope of surviving were to escape to the South. I now realised that I had to do the same and leave my past behind.

Eventually after many weeks of travelling and dodging the law I reached the purple mountains of Yelena which marked the border to the South. I’d finally done it. Here I could find refuge in a village and live my life out as a magical healer.

I journeyed from place to place for about another fortnight until I found a hospitable village with an elderly healer in want of an apprentice. When I received permission I entered the tent. A confused expression washed over the healers face. Then before I had said a word he spoke “I see your essence. It is strong, i also see that you are running. From Krueba no?” I was speechless. “I will train you not only in the way of healing but in the way of magic also. You cannot keep running from your destiny. One day you will have to face him.” I was stunned, how did this man know so much about me before I even introduced myself? “Training starts Monday. You are dismissed.”

Shocked and mesmerised I was shown to a tent. I collapsed into a warm comfortable bed. “You cannot keep running from your destiny. One day you will have to face him.” It was too much to handle. Coming all this way and still having not escaped. I knew my battle wasn’t over and I was determined not to let the assassin claim another of my families’ lives. And with that I fell into a deep sleep. Preparing myself for the long struggle ahead.


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Published on e-Stories.org on 09/23/2011.


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