Alec Murray

~ Dancing with the Crows ´o11 ~


In this long December
I saw her disappering in the snow
and all I could is
wish her luck for every footstep she may go

but when shes gone
I don't know my way back home
back to this dreary normal way
cast out somewher I can't stay

grave to feel
you can't describe this thing between

memorys of the days before
the gift from you was
like to come ashore
while we meiles apart
this book of blue
was like a landmark card
from another island

why did'nt you stop this flame from burning
before you carve your shoes in this white sand
while the snow was falling
let this all come to an hurtless end

questions keep me awake for years

would you walk with me
hand in hand
in the rain
through this lonly mall
be my guiding flame
and I swear
I do the same
keep you warm
and save your soul for every harm

but the truth is
your indentions in this cold beach
will soon be covered with snow
before they leach
I will be on my highest low

out a few months from now
they are away
you will never see what your traces done
melted and vanished 
they will be gone

Never spoke about
the things we knew
never rave about
what might someday will come true

'Long December' is a song from Counting Crows on the album Recovering the Sattelites Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Alec Murray.
Published on on 09/29/2011.


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