Jaydee John Villegas Capuras


When I Saw Aurora

By: JJV Capuras


"Please, don't leave me. I beg of you." cried Joseph, the man who fell in love with Aurora.

"Joseph, I didn't want this to happen. I didn't want you to fall for me. I just want us to be friends." replied Aurora.

"What? I thought..." the disappointed man asked while being interrupted by Aurora.

"Let's talk no more, I've got to go." Aurora replied while walking her way into the woods.

"Aurora...................!" screamed the very desperate man.

Aurora left Joseph. That happened at the same time Joseph met her outside the village. But two weeks prior to that event, this is what happened:

"Oh my, this is exhausting. I never wanted to have this type of job." whined Joseph, who was carrying a lot of boxes he was delivering to a house located at the 7th street of St. Martin's Village, New Mexico. The village was a bit odd, only a few inhabitants occupied the place. There were huge houses, tall trees, but it's almost secluded from the city.

(sound of a knock at the door) "Hello, I have a delivery for Mr. Charles Lopez." he said while knocking at the door. A minute later, someone came out of the house.

"Oh, hi. Thank you so much. I've been waiting for these stuffs for over a week. What took this so long, boy?" Mr. Charles asked.

"I apologize for the delay Mr. Lopez. There had been some problems with the shipment because of the hurricane that struck three days ago." Joseph explained.

Joseph had successfully delivered the packages and so he was heading his way back to the truck which he had parked outside the village. As he was about to get inside the truck, she saw a woman crying at one corner, near a huge, old tree, just a few steps towards the woods. He was curious of what could have happened to the lady, so he approached her.

"Excuse me, Miss? Are you okay?" he anxiously asked the lady.

"Go away from me. You wouldn't want to see my face." the lady replied while continuously crying. But she still wasn't showing her face. She covered it with her hands.

"No, please. Tell me what happened. I am willing to listen." he kept on encouraging the woman to ventilate her feelings.

The lady was hesitant to show her face to Joseph. But still, she flaunted it.

"Here, so what now? Do you still want to see my face?" she madly asked the man.

"Wow, you have a perfect face. You are so beautiful." the man in awe said.

"Really? Would you love a woman with a face like this?" she shyly asked.

"I would love her, with all my heart." Joseph replied with a huge smile painted on his face.

The two of them had a nice conversation. It was during the night time, at about 7-8 PM. From that night forward, they'd been having a good relationship, but not an intimate one. Joseph, who had been working as a delivery person, would always visit St. Martin's Village, at the same time, at the same place, just to talk and to see the woman that made his heart beat- Aurora.

"Aurora, I know that we still don't know each other that much. I mean, we've been seeing each other for two weeks now, but I think I love you." he confessed to Aurora.

"Shut up! You can't fall for me. Don't say that Joseph. You deserve someone else. I am not perfect for you." Aurora replied as tears started to fill her eyes.

"Aurora, look, you to me are everything. Your cute eyes, your rosy cheeks, your red, souffle lips, they all are perfect. You are a good person, I know. So, please, don't you think that way. Every man would fall for you." Joseph explained.

"No. No. No. I am leaving." she said.

"Please, don't leave me. I beg of you." cried Joseph.

"Joseph, I didn't want this to happen. I didn't want you to fall for me. I just want us to be friends." replied Aurora.

"What? I thought..." the disappointed man said.

"Let's talk no more, I've got to go." Aurora replied while walking her way deep into the woods.

"Aurora...................!" screamed the very desperate man.

That night was one of the darkest nights that Joseph ever had. He thought that love had been too hard to catch. He was in despair. But he did try his best to forget Aurora. Two weeks later, at about 9 PM, he arrived home after delivering some stuffs. He took a shower, laid in his bed, and opened his MacBook. He did what he'd been doing- facebooking, watching videos on youtube, and searching for some news at Bing. He saw one of the news that stated, "23-year old woman, found dead at St. Martin's Village, New Mexico."

Joseph was shocked with the news. His palms started to sweat and his body started to shiver. He still was hoping that it wouldn't be the woman whom he loved, Aurora. As he opened the main page of the news, it further stated, "23-year old woman, named Jacky Jones was found dead in the woods near St. Martin's Village, New Mexico. Autopsy and toxicology studies suggest that she had been raped, tortured, and was killed. Her body was buried deep under the ground for almost 2 months."

"Whew! I thought that it was Aurora." Joseph found relief after knowing that it wasn't her. But when he tried to search for photos of Jacky Jones, he was devastated to have found photos of Aurora.

"No. No. No! This can't be. How could this happen?" the confused man asked.

Joseph was shocked and was anxious to know more of Aurora's real identity. So, he went to New Mexico Police Department the next day, to confirm it.

"Excuse me, Chief. Can I see more photos of Jacky Jones?" he asked the police officer.

"Oh, why would you want that? It's confidential. May I know your name and your relationship to the victim?" the police officer asked.

"Yes, I am her friend." he said.

Joseph was shocked to have seen at least 55 photos of the dead woman. He confirmed that it was Aurora. He had mixed emotions. He didn't know if he'd cry or not, for he knew that it was Jacky Jones, a.k.a Aurora, whom he had seen a few weeks ago. And he knew, that it could be Jacky's lost soul who had not yet found peace for her death. And so, Joseph went home after the police officer asked him a series of questions.

"Aurora, I mean Jacky, I am sorry to have known what happened to you. I hope that you'll soon find peace for your death. May your soul rest in peace. I love you." Joseph said while lying in his bed, thinking deeply. It was about 7 in the evening. He took a nap for almost an hour. A few moments later, his television turned on and it woke him up. It was 8 in the evening.

"Oh, no. What's this? Who could have turned it on?" asked Joseph, who was still sleepy and who's vision was still hazy. And so, he got out of the bed, and turned the lights on to find the remote control of his television. The moment he turned on the light, he was shocked with what he saw.

"Hi, Joseph. Would you love a woman with a face like this?" asked Jacky, who was lying in the bed.

At that moment, Joseph saw Jacky's real face. She had a huge cut on her left cheek after the rapist slit it. Blood was still fresh and was still oozing from the open cut. Her long, white dress was bloody. And Joseph, who was standing at the corner, near the door, was speechless, shivering, and was about to pass out, but soon had the courage to speak out.

"Aurora, I mean Jacky, I know it has been so hard for you. But please, just follow the path of forgiveness, and soon you'll find peace in your heart." he explained in a very trembling tone.

"FORGIVENESS??? Hahahaha! You must be kidding me. I was ripped out of life. I was ripped out of happiness. I was ripped out of love. And now, you're asking me to forgive the man who killed me?" she angrily asked Joseph.

"Please, Aurora. I know it has been very hard for you. But I hope that, you'd realize that no matter what we do, we still have to have peace deep inside our hearts." he said with full of conviction, and his fear for Aurora slowly decomposed.

"You're a good man Joseph. If only I had the chance to have known you prior to my death, I would have done it." Jacky said, as her rage started to thin out.

There was silence for about 5 minutes. They stared at each other. The tension started to disintegrate. Fear, became less of a topic. What surmounted inside the small room, was how to end the conversation, and how to let Jacky Jones, a.k.a. Aurora, find peace in her heart, let go of her rage and hunger for vengeance.

"Aurora, I fear you no more. I just want you to know that although we may not be meant for each other, you'll always have a soft spot in my heart. I love you, find peace and forgiveness, and GOODBYE." Joseph, who was teary-eyed, said it to the poor lady.

The moment he said those words which came out from his heart, the lady in his bed vanished into thin air. He cried all night long, not because of all the fear the woman had caused him, but because of regretting that he could have known that woman prior to her death. A few hours later, after he stabilized, he opened his window. There he saw a very magnificent light. It was an Aurora Borealis, a natural light display in the sky usually found in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, which was very rare because he lived in New Mexico. It reminded him of Aurora. Then he said, while looking up at the beautiful sky:

"When I saw Aurora, that night changed my life. I don't care if it had caused me a lot of pain, fear, and suffering, because I didn't regret knowing a woman, whom I'd love. Now, I can say, that one of the greatest days of my life, was when I met her."

From that night forward, he would look up at the sky and hope that the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis would come out again, because it would remind him of Aurora, the ghost of his life.



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Published on e-Stories.org on 10/18/2011.


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