Conny Kirsten


I am so damned empty
love of my life
have given all to you I could
but it never seemed to be enough

one single mistake
let you doubt me
but I never pulled the trigger
nor laid a gun in your hands
and forced you to her

my dear, it was your decision
and all the hundreds of hells
I had to go through since
were never enough

´cause one stupid mistake
let me die each single day
but I never pulled the trigger
nor put a gun to your face
to betray me again

Well, I´m so fucking empty
my fragile heart in your hands
feeling so lost now
once so trustfully given

one single mistake
let you condemn me
left me hunted and crucified
could never suffer enough
destroyed us almost
can´t you see me dying?

it was you who couldn´t forgive


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Conny Kirsten.
Published on on 11/26/2011.


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