Dorsey Baker

Force of the Bullet and the Flow of the Blood

The blood said to the bullets"When you come in, I go out! The bullets replied"We only go in if we are sent in!
Invited or not! "

The conversation between the blood and the bullets would not solve their problems! The blood and the bullets would not
be able to exist side by side peacefully; but they decided to talk anyway.

A man was lying in the street in a pool of blood and a gun was lying by his side!  The chamber of the gun was empty.
All the bullets had entered the body of the dead man!

The blood said to the bullets "This man is dead.  Dead as can be!"

I was the life in that body; but I vacated and you took my place!

The bullets replied " We are only slaves and we only go where we are sent!
And the bullets added  "We didn't enter that body of our own accord!"

And the blood said "You have the force and we have the flow" on that point
they could both agree!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Dorsey Baker.
Published on on 11/27/2011.


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