Mary Diana

My worst fears

My worst fears are the dogs and the dark.I am afraid of dogs because I have the feeling that they will bite me.And it will hurt me.Iam also afraid of dark because I saw in the movies that in every moment someone can rub my house or steal me,and I will never see my family again.When I am afraid of dogs I feel desperate and I want that dog to disappear.And when I am afraid of dark I can' t move or go to sleep because I know that someone may come,put the hand on my mouth to stop my scream and steal me.Somene who can help me in case I meet a dog is a friend that has got a dog herself.Ican go to the park with her and the dog.There is nobody who can help me when I am afraid of dark because I have to say to myself that no one will rub my house and everything will be fine.What I can do to be more courageous with the dogs is to get a fluffy dog and to realise that dogs are the most friendly and playful animals on Earth.


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Published on on 01/23/2012.


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