Mary Diana

An unexpected meeting

                    Last night,when I was looking through the window and I was trying to sleep,I saw a little light in the sky.At first,I thought that it was a star,but then it started to come closer.I came back to my bed and I told to myself that it' s just an aeroplane.After a while,I heard a big noise like something it has crashed.I went outside to see what happened.When I opened the door,I couldn' t believe what I saw! It was a big spaceship in our garden!From the spaceship two green creatures appeared having only three fingers at their hands and two big and black eyes.They were wearing red cloaks and big helmets on their heads.I was very amazed when I saw that the aliens were speaking English and I could understand what they were talking.They told me that they live on Mars and they came on Earth because they wanted to visit Europe and all the beautiful countries that compose it.
                    At once,I heard the alarm clock and I realised that everything was just a dream.A nice one!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Diana.
Published on on 02/13/2012.


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