Mary Diana

A meeting with Saint Nicholas

              Last night,when I was lying on my bed and I was looking at the thousands of stars,I was wondering how Saint Nicholas looks like.If he' s old,if he has a beard,if he is a giant.I was very curious how it could be if I met Saint Nicholas.
              At once,I fell asleep.When I woke up,I saw a man dressed in a red costume with little candies and chocolates on it.He had a long,curly and white beard and two red cheeks.He was carrying a bag full of sweets and other things for the children.Because I wanted so much to meet Saint Nicholas and I had a lot of questions for him,I dared to ask him:
              ''How can you bring sweets for all the children on Earth in only one night?''
              ''I have the sleigh with reindeer that my brother,Santa Claus,lent it to me.It runs with 500 km/h.''
              ''Why don' t we see you during the night?''
              ''Because if you saw me,the magic of the night when I have to visit you would disappear and it wouldn' t be so interesting.If you don' t see me during the night,when you wake up you will see the sweets in your boots and you will be more staggered.''
              ''Why don' t you bring presents like Santa Claus and why do you bring sweets only?''
              ''Because if I bring sweets,I am sure that the children will love them.If I bring presents like toys,books or games,I wouldn' t be so sure that they will like each present or that I guessed it right.And don' t forget that Santa Claus brings presents.He has the elves.''
               But the alarm clock rang and I had to wake up,sad that I left that wonderful and magic world.
               Do you think that was the real Saint Nicholas?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Diana.
Published on on 02/25/2012.


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